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How to choose an AED

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How to choose an AED which is the best for you and your company, school or institution.

This page is intended to assist you through the various steps you should take when selecting the right defibrillator for your needs.

Important rules which apply to all AED’s:

  • All AED’s assist you through the resuscitation with clear voice prompts.
  • As soon as you switch on your AED you will hear the instructions.
  • All AED’s have batteries and electrode pads that have to be replaced at regular intervals.
  • All AED’s follow the official resuscitation guidelines and have provd to be safe and effective.

No matter what AED you choose, every AED will increase the chance of survival of the victim.

What do you find important?
With information and selection purchasing assistance we hope to make your choice easier and faster in the broad supply of AED’s. Although most organisations choose one of the TOP 5 AED’s, this may not be your best choice. In this plan you will find step by step the features important for the AED that best meets your needs. If you wish to select all features you have to take the next steps.

Warranty period AED resistance Shock protocol and joules Fully- / semi-automatic AED's
Warranty period AED resistance Shock protocol & joules keuzehulp-icon-vol-of-semi-big
Resuscitation feedback Maintenance costs  Persistent misunderstandings Child resuscitation
AED maintenance costs Persistant misunderstandings Child resuscitation




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