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Lowest Price Guarantee

Medisol AEDexpert guarantees for each online AED sold at the lowest price. We aim with our prices to convince you that you will never pay too much for an AED! We monitor the prices of other suppliers. If however you find the same product for a lower price then we shall refund the difference.

What do we ask from you:
please contact us by and inform us about the website or advertisement on which you have seen the lower price, give us the price and a precise description of the product.

The following conditions are applicable:

  1. The best price guarantee applies from the time of order until the day of delivery;
  2. The price you have seen advertised elsewhere must apply nationwide and be published so that we can verify it. It must be a current price and the product must be actually available at that price. The product must also be available from an official sales outlet in the UK or Northern Ireland. We are unable to verify individual quotations and these are therefore excluded from the Best Price Guarantee;
  3. The lower price must be valid for at least 14 days from the moment that you notify us.
  4. The Best Price Guarantee applies to every AED in our store!
  5. The products must be of the best quality, readily available and in the original manufacturer’s sealed packaging, English and of the same make and model number; The article must be equipped with the warranty certificate issued by the official English supplier.
  6. The Best Price Guarantee does not apply to refurbished products, products that are no longer produced, products from a bankruptcy, demonstration models, damaged products or products offered through auction sites. The Best Price Guarantee shall not apply when the price offered is the result of a typographical error. The lowest price guarantee is also not applicable for promotions for special target groups of the importer or manufacturer;
  7. Account must also be taken of additional costs, such as administration costs, order supplements, shipping costs and the like when we compare prices. These will be monitored net of VAT. Medisol shall exercise the right to decline price comparisons that do not match Lowest Price Guarantee standards.

We promise you fair and proper treatment of your request!