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Tax Rules

VAT tax within the European Union (EU)
You can purchase our goods without paying the VAT tax  if your country is a member of the European Union (EU) and if your company has a valid VAT number. It means that you don't have to pay VAT.

Customers who have to pay the VAT tax are those who are residents of the 27 EU member states and don't have a company with a valid VAT- number.

Tax Free Blue


You are Tax Free customer if
your country is a member of the European Union
and you place an order with:
valid company details
valid VAT number

tax free shopping not allowed


You are not Tax Free customer if
your country IS  NOT a member of the European Union
you place an order as private person
you come from Slovenia

Tax Abroad
For companies within the European Union :
Companies operating within the European Union can order by EU regulations without being charged VAT. If you want to make use of this scheme then we just need the VAT identification number for verification.
During the ordering process you will be asked to give your VAT number please make sure to add your country code.When a valid VAT number is detected , the VAT of the total amount of your order will be deducted and you can order and pay directly without VAT .This number has the following display (Example GB 77777777) .

If you ever encounter problems please feel free to contact our customer service,

Companies or individuals outside the European Union :
Do you want to import products in a country outside the European Union?
When arranges the transport, we will charge 0 % VAT for companies and individuals. However account should be taken of any value added tax and customs duties in your respective countries.If you place an order with us for shipping to a country outside the EU , then you yourself will initially issue a VAT invoice.

It is possible that we have had to charge your order with 20% VAT.  We will refund the paid VAT into your account at the moment we have received your custom papers or courier documents.