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Cardiac Science G3 Elite Fully Automatic

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The Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 Elite is a reliable, effective and robust AED.


- Practical, clear verbal instructions

- Robust and striking casing

- User-friendly

The Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 Elite is a reliable, effective and strong AED. This device gives clear verbal instructions, enabling anyone to save a life!

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

That is the starting point on which Cardiac Science has based this defibrillator model. The G3 Elite can be described as a no-nonsense powerhouse.

As soon as the AED lid is opened, the device immediately gives clear spoken instructions. By opening the G3, the electrodes also become immediately visible. The electrodes show exactly where they should be placed. A major advantage of these electrodes is that there is no difference between left and right. So you can never place them the wrong way around.

Special child electrodes should be used for paediatric resuscitation. These are available separately. When using paediatric electrodes, the energy level of the shock is adjusted to the smaller child’s body size. This makes the G3 Elite suitable for every patient, from child to adult.

Guaranteed service life of strong battery

The lifespan of the powerful lithium battery is around 5 years. If the battery life is unexpectedly shorter than 4 years and the AED has not been used (in standby mode) and stored at the correct temperature, you will get a new one! Cardiac Science provides a 4-year manufacturer's warranty on the G3 Elite battery.

By means of the “Rescue Ready” status indicator, it is easy to see whether the AED is ready for use. Green means ready for use and red will indicate a problem such as an empty battery. Keep an eye on the indicator so that your AED is always ready for use.

Ambient noise, no problem for the G3 Elite!

If the casualty is being treated in a noisy environment, no need to worry, the G3 Elite AED gives loud and clear spoken instructions. These instructions are supported by a metronome, which after the electrodes have been correctly attached to the victim's chest, will indicates the rhythm with which the chest compressions should be performed.

The G3 Elite can be placed anywhere

In an outside cupboard on the facade or inside in a reception, the G3 Elite can be placed almost anywhere due to its high dust and water resistance. When installing outdoors, ensure that a suitable outdoor cabinet is used.

An old acquaintance in a new jacket

The G3 Elite is the successor to the famous Cardiac Science Powerheart G3. The popular predecessor to the Powerheart G3 Elite was sold up until 2014. You may therefore recognize this new Cardiac Science Elite AED!

Cardiac Science G3 Elite, the powerhouse for every care provider

In short, this AED can be used anywhere and by anyone, trained or untrained, during an emergency.  If you looking for a user-friendly and affordable AED from a reliable manufacturer, then choose the Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 Elite!


- User-friendly

- Clear verbal instructions

- Loud metronome

- Starts up immediately after opening the lid

- Robust

The Cardiac Science G3 Elite is suitable for:

- Businesses

- Sports clubs

- Swimming pools

- Shopping centres

- Schools

What is included with your order:

- Cardiac Science G3 Elite battery

- Cardiac Science G3 Elite adult electrodes

- Instructions

Free accessories:

- First year FREE AED Safeguard Plan (not for resellers)

- DefiSign AED solution kit

- AED Wall Sign

- UPS standard tracked delivery

Guarantee: 7

What does our product specialist say?

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Product Name Cardiac Science G3 Elite Fully Automatic
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The Medisol Service Center can offer you two kinds of maintenance service to ensure that your defibrillator is always ready for use.

With the Standard Maintenance Service contract:
We will keep an eye on the shelf-life of your electrode pads and battery and timely send   
new ones at a 10% discount.

With the Extra Maintenance Service contract:
One of our engineers will maintain and inspect your AED at your location. He will replace electrodes and batteries when their shelf lives have expired and will install any software updates available.

With the Standard and the Extra Maintenance Service you can use our following services:

After deployment of the AED:
You will receive a rental AED the following day and your AED will be collected, be checked thoroughly and repaired at our Service Center.

•    Adaptation of your AED, replacement of batteries and electrode pads
•    Reading out of ECG data
•    Evaluating proper functioning of the AED
•    On request transmission of the ECG data to the cardiologist involved
•    On request answering questions from the users about the deployment

In case of failure:
You will receive a rental AED the following day and your AED will be collected.

•    When possible, resolution of the malfunction by our own technical department
•    Submission to/arrangement with the manufacturer / importer
•    Independent advice on repair or purchase of a new AED
•    Rental AED may be retained during the repair period

In case of theft:
You will receive a rental AED the following day.

•    You will receive an offer for a new AED
•    The rented AED may be retained for up to 1 month

For more information about our maintenance service, please click here (link: Medisol Service Centre)

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