Laerdal Stackable Little Anne Lungs (6 pack)

Pack of 6 Laerdal Stackable Little Anne Lungs. The lungs allow a visible chest rise when resuscitation ventilation is provided to the manikin. Each lung includes a valve and ventilation patch. The lungs can be combined wit the Laerdal stackable little Anne filters that clear the exhaled air before it enters the lungs. This allows you to re-use the lungs for around 3 months, instead of the single use that we are used to with existing lungs. After each training you can simply leave the lungs in the manikin and you only have to replace the filter, after this the manikin is ready for the next training session.  

  • Manufacturer: Laerdal   
  • Included: 6x Laerdal Stackable Little Anne Lungs 
  • Cost efficient ✔Reduces material waste ✔6 Pack  


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Product Description

Laerdal Stackable Little Anne Lungs (6 pack)

Pack of 6 Laerdal Stackable Little Anne Lungs. The lungs provide a realistic simulation of airway management during ventilation. The ventilation patch in the lungs allows a visible chest rise, this provides immediate feedback on the efficiency of your rescue breaths. In addition, the Included valve facilitates proper airflow control. This feature allows the user to master the critical aspect of maintaining an open airway and delivering effective rescue breaths.  

Lifetime expectancy 

The filter allows that the lungs are a reusable product, as opposed to the current single-use disposable lungs that are very harmful to the environment. However, it is still advised to replace the lungs every 3 months or after approximately 100,000 ventilations. Replacement before this time ensures that you work hygienically and under the best performance possible.  

Product name Laerdal Stackable Little Anne Lungs (6 pack)
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Suitable for model Laerdal Little Anne Stackable
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