AEDs for companies

Employers have to take care of the safety on the work floor. Aid workers within the organisation will lead emergency situations such as a cardiac arrest.

Direct access to a defibrillator within the company will significantly increase the chances of survival. Starting CPR and connecting the defibrillator can be done even before the ambulance arrives. Every second counts. The company defibrillator can also be used for cardiac arrests in the direct environment.

The defibrillators down below are specially selected for companies and organisations. They are easy to use by anyone. However, no company is the same and therefore you have to look out for the necessary specifications. Are you looking for a defibrillator for your industrial company or construction site? Then you are in need of a very robust defibrillator with a high IP-rate (dust and water protection). If the defibrillator will be situated in the office, a lower IP-rate suffices. Besides that, multilingual defibrillators are ideal for international organisations and public areas such as airports, train stations and hotels.

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  1. Physio Control Lifepak CR2 USB Fully-automatic AED
    Special Price €1.099,00 €1.351,77 Regular Price: €2.458,77
    In stock, available immediately
  2. Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 Semi Automatic AED
    €2.059,00 €2.059,00
    Fast delivery, 2 to 4 weeks Provided the product is in stock with our supplier. We aim to deliver this product as quickly as possible and will keep you updated about the expected delivery date for your order.
  3. Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 Fully Automatic AED
    €2.059,00 €2.059,00
    Fast delivery, 2 to 4 weeks Provided the product is in stock with our supplier. We aim to deliver this product as quickly as possible and will keep you updated about the expected delivery date for your order.
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Frequently Asked Questions: AEDs for businesses.

Welcome to our AED Workplace page, where we answer some of the most common questions from businesses when considering an automatic external defibrillator (AED) for their office or workspace.

Do you need an AED for your business or office? 

While there is no legislative requirement for businesses or offices to have an AED, we strongly recommend having a device. Having an AED readily available during an emergency can significantly increase the chances of survival for an individual experiencing sudden cardiac arrest.

Fully automatic or semi-automatic: Which AED is best for your business? 

The choice between a fully automatic or semi-automatic AED depends on the level of training your staff has. If your personnel have attended first aid and CPR courses, we recommend a semi-automatic AED. For untrained users, a fully automatic AED is the best option. We have a wide selection of AEDs, including the DefiSign LIFE AED, which comes in three languages, and the Primedic HeartSave AS, which offers four languages and easy language switching.

What happens after the AED has been deployed?

After deploying the AED, replace the electrodes and, in some cases, the battery. Was the AED purchased from us, including a service plan? Our specialists will provide you with a new pair of electrodes, a rescue kit, and a new battery if necessary, all free of charge. During a deployment, the AED stores essential data that can be requested by an ambulance, such as the time of the AED switch-on and the heart rhythm before, during, and after analysis. If needed, you can send the AED to us for a read-out.

How long does an AED last?

We recommend replacing your AED after ten years. The internal battery is non-replaceable and drains slowly over time. We recommend storing your company AED in a wall cabinet for optimal lifespan. If your AED is in an office or gym, consider an indoor cabinet, but use an outdoor cabinet for a site close to a harbour. To ensure your AED is always ready to use, keep an eye on the shelf life of the electrodes and battery and replace them on time.

What is the total cost of ownership for an AED?

In addition to the purchase cost of the AED, the cost of ownership encompasses the expenses of replacing electrodes and batteries. The shelf life of electrodes varies, but on average, they last two years without deployment, and batteries last an average of five years. On average, the cost of ownership for ten years includes an AED, four sets of electrodes, and two batteries. Our maintenance contracts offer discounts or even free replacement parts.