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Do you want your trainees to experience one of the most popular defibrillators in the world? Then view our range of Philips AED trainers. These Philips trainers have the same look and feel as the real Philips defibrillators but are completely safe to train with.  

Types of Philips AED trainers

The Philips HS1 trainer is almost the exact copy of the real HS1 defibrillator and that means it is easy to user for anyone.

The Philips FRx trainer has a higher dust and water resistance than the HS1 unit. Ideal for training in places like swimming pools, workshops and warehouses. The real pro of the FRx trainer is the infant key. No paediatric pads needed!

The Philips FR2 unit with its Laerdal LINK Technology can be used with Laerdal Little Anne or Resusci Anne manikins for direct feedback on, for example, the placement of the electrodes.

In case you have any questions about these Philips trainers, get in touch with our specialists for personal advice.