Cardiac Science

Optimize your emergency preparedness with a Cardiac Science AED. Explore our range, including Cardiac Science Automated External Defibrillators, a Cardiac Science AED trainer, Cardiac Science batteries and Cardiac Science defibrillator pads. Choose top-tier quality for peace of mind in critical moments.

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This renowned brand offers a range of AEDs, including the cutting-edge multilingual Powerheart G5. Cardiac Science defibrillators are available in both semi-automatic and fully automatic options. At Medisol, we supply the Cardiac Science G5 in its original case for secure storage. To enhance safety, we also provide various indoor and outdoor cabinets. User-friendliness and high quality are paramount with these robust and reliable AEDs. They cater to both lay rescuers and professionals, enabling effective assistance in emergencies.

Cardiac Science is a well-known name in the medical industry, affiliated with Zoll, equally recognized for AEDs. Zoll, and consequently Cardiac Science, is part of Asahi Kasei, an American company with Japanese roots dating back to 1922, with a global workforce exceeding 20,000. Each Cardiac Science defibrillator embodies a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Why buy a Cardiac Science AED?

  • Meets the highest standards.
  • FDA certified, indicating compliance with the most rigorous medical market requirements.
  • Cardiac Science is a highly reliable manufacturer, reflected in its extensive sales and diverse market presence. It comes with a standard 7-year factory warranty, extended to 10 years by Medisol.
  • Always ready for use, featuring automatic self-tests for battery, electrodes (checking presence and functionality), electronic circuits, and software.

While the absence of a child button and a relatively higher price are minor drawbacks, it's worth noting that child electrodes can be connected. 

For your Cardiac Science defibrillator, Medisol offers Cardiac Science batteries and Cardiac Science electrodes. On our page listing all defibrillators, you can see all devices to compare them.