DefiSign AED's

DefiSign offers life-saving products that enhance the visibility and accessibility of AEDs with the bright green colour. The innovative DefiSign cabinets, wall mounts, and ILCOR wall signs serve as the missing link between life-saving equipment and those who need it the most. By combining advanced technology and user-friendliness, DefiSign saves lives at critical moments. At the heart of the brand lies a foundation of dependability, rooted in extensive expertise and experience.

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What is the difference between the DefiSign Life, the DefiSign Life Online, and the DefiSign Pocket Plus AED?

The DefiSign LIFE defibrillator is the most affordable AED in the range and is available in both semi-automatic and fully automatic versions. This AED is user-friendly and suitable for both laypersons and professionals. It is multilingual (ENG/DE/PL), and other language combinations are also possible; inquire about the options here.

The DefiSign LIFE Online AED features smart technology for automatic status updates, fast and easy software updates, and obtaining deployment reports. You receive an immediate notification when the lid of the DefiSign Online AED is opened. Status updates for weekly self-tests are sent via email, providing precise information on when the battery or electrodes need replacement. This AED is available in both semi-automatic and fully automatic versions.

The DefiSign Pocket Plus Semi-Automatic AED is a compact device with numerous advantages. Its small size allows for easy transportation in the included bag. Suitable for both inexperienced and experienced users, the LCD screen automatically adjusts to the surroundings. Visual instructions on the LCD screen guide the user through the resuscitation process. With the optional ECG display, the AED is also perfect for professional responders, offering insight into the heart rhythm during and after resuscitation.

The DefiSign Pocket Plus AED comes with a 15-month warranty. It is strongly recommended to purchase a service contract with the purchase of the AED. Medisol offers a 10-year warranty with the condition that you subscribe to a silver, gold, or platinum service contract and maintain it throughout the warranty period.

For whom is the DefiSign Pocket Plus suitable?

The DefiSign Pocket Plus is designed to cater to both inexperienced and experienced users alike. It proves to be versatile and applicable in various situations, including ambulance transport, sports clubs, walking clubs, festivals, and outdoor activities. To facilitate easy and swift transportation in these diverse scenarios, a practical bag is provided along with the AED. 

One notable feature of the Pocket Plus AED is the presence of a child button, which enables effortless adjustment of the device's settings to child mode. This adaptability makes the DefiSign Pocket Plus AED suitable for patients of all ages, ensuring that it can be effectively utilized in emergency situations involving individuals from pediatric to adult age groups. 

10-year warranty on DefiSign

All our DefiSign AEDs are constructed from high-quality materials and components. The DefiSign Life and DefiSign Online AEDs come with a standard 10-year warranty, which is unique in the AED market!

For your Defisign AED, Medisol offers DefiSign batteries and DefiSign electrodes. On our page listing all defibrillators, you can see all devices to compare them.