DefiSign Pocket Plus AED Semi-Automatic

The DefiSign Pocket Plus AED Semi-Automatic is a compact and versatile AED that offers a range of useful features. Its small size makes it incredibly convenient to transport, especially when using the included bag. The AED is designed to cater to users of all skill levels, making it suitable for various situations, including sport clubs, festivals, ambulance transport, and as part of FAFS-equipment. The LCD screen of the AED has an automatic light adjustment feature, ensuring optimal visibility in any environment. This screen displays clear visual instructions to guide users through the resuscitation process. For professional rescuers, there is an optional ECG-display available, which provides additional insight into the heart rhythm during and after the resuscitation process. This feature makes the AED particularly well-suited for use by skilled rescuers.

  • Manufacturer: Schiller 
  • Semi-automatic

✔️Child-button ✔️Compact ✔️ECG display option ✔️Included bag ✔️Visual guidance on Large LCD-display 

The DefiSign Pocket Plus AED is also available in a fully automatic version. 

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Product Description

DefiSign Pocket Plus AED Semi-Automatic 

The compact size of the DefiSign Pocket Plus AED Semi-Automatic does not compromise its functionality. This advanced AED incorporates the latest technology and can be operated by anyone. It is always ready for use, continually recharging the energy required to deliver a shock. This feature significantly reduces response time in critical situations. 
The AED's small design allows for effortless transportation in the provided matching bag and convenient storage in confined spaces. The LCD screen displays helpful images to guide users in administering the correct resuscitation techniques. Additionally, the AED includes an automatic self-test feature, ensuring its reliability and consistent optimal performance.   

Who is the DefiSign Pocket Plus suitable for? 

The inexperienced user:

The DefiSign Pocket Plus AED is designed to be compact and lightweight, making it highly portable and suitable for activities where an AED may not be readily available, such as hiking, cycling, or sailing. Inexperienced users particularly appreciate its user-friendly design. With a simple control panel, users can quickly grasp how to operate the AED with just a glance. The electrodes are pre-connected, further simplifying the process. Additionally, the AED is equipped with a child button that, when pressed, automatically activates child mode, eliminating the need for additional child electrodes. This streamlined approach minimizes the number of steps required, allowing rescuers to focus entirely on administering the correct resuscitation techniques. During CPR, the AED offers further support in various ways, including: 

  • Audio support: Step-by-step instructions are provided audibly. 
  • Visual support: The LCD display shows relevant images to guide users. 
  • Metronome: A built-in metronome helps maintain the proper pace for chest compressions.  


The LCD display of the AED intelligently adjusts its brightness based on the surrounding environment. As a result, the visual instructions displayed on the screen are consistently clear and easily visible. These visual instructions, presented in color, correspond to the audio guide, creating a synchronized and cohesive user experience. This synchronized approach of combining imagery and audio guidance significantly simplifies the usage of the AED, especially for inexperienced users, even in highly stressful and critical situations. The clear and well-coordinated visual and audio instructions provide a user-friendly interface that enhances the ease and effectiveness of using the AED during emergencies.


The experienced user:   

The AED boasts a unique combination of compact size, a large color LCD screen, and an optional ECG feature. This combination makes it highly suitable for professional use. The AED's small size allows it to be conveniently utilized by emergency services en route to a victim. Moreover, it proves ideal for GPs and healthcare institutions where a professional AED with advanced functionalities is often required. 
The compact size enables on-the-go use and makes it perfect for deployment in confined spaces such as ambulances, optimizing limited space. The AED charges rapidly, within 16 seconds, significantly reducing response time during critical situations. Additionally, the ECG display provides valuable insight into the heart rhythm, which can be continuously monitored during deployment and reviewed later through a recorded session. Professional rescuers also have the option to utilize a rechargeable battery. This ensures less frequent battery replacements, which is particularly beneficial for AEDs that are frequently used. Opting for a rechargeable battery can be a practical and cost-effective consideration in such cases. 


ECG display   

The optional ECG display provides professional users with enhanced insight into the patient's heart rhythm. It not only displays ECG readings but also records intervention data, offering doctors and rescuers a comprehensive overview of the patient's condition. This recorded data encompasses valuable information such as CPR quality, ECG curve, impedance curve, and events. To facilitate convenient access to the recorded files, the AED is equipped with USB and Bluetooth functionalities. This enables easy viewing and analysis of the saved data, allowing medical professionals to closely evaluate the patient's progress and make informed decisions regarding further treatment. 


Child button

Suitable for patients of all ages. The AED has a child button that allows you to easily convert settings to child mode. No extra electrodes are needed for this, saving costs.  


The order for the DefiSign Pocket Plus AED includes two batteries. Additionally, the AED has an internal battery that needs to be replaced approximately every six years. The shelf life of the external batteries varies depending on the frequency of self-tests: 

  • If self-tests are conducted weekly, the external batteries have a shelf life of one year and six months. 
  • If self-tests are performed monthly, the external batteries have a shelf life of two years and six months. 

It is important to keep track of the battery life and replacement schedule to ensure the AED remains in optimal working condition and ready for immediate use when needed. 



  • IP 44 (dust and splash resistant)
  • Shock: up to 200 Joules (Multipulse Biowave Shock)
  • Data transmission: USB or Bluetooth
  • Quality label: CE
  • Automatic self-test
  • Colour LCD display (ambient light adjustment)
  • Metronome (HLW) 

Dimensions and weight 
Dimensions: 150 x 143 x 46 mm

Weight: 870 grams 

Product name DefiSign Pocket Plus AED Semi-Automatic
SKU DS-70s
Semi or full automatic Semi Automatic
Product measurements 150 x 143 x 46 mm
Additional Features >200J shock power, Adapted child CPR protocol, Carrier Case, ECG Display
Display Multicolored
Quality label CE
IP rating 44
Bag included Yes
Lifespan ca. 2 years
Lifespan electrode pad ca. 2,5 years
CPR feedback Metronome
Weight 0.9 kgs
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