The anatomy of a child asks for an adapted CPR protocol and therefore BLS for children is best trained with a child CPR manikin.

See our range of child-sized CPR manikins of the popular brands like Ambu and Laerdal. The Laerdal QCPR models are especially interesting if you are looking for junior manikins that offer feedback. From Brayden we offer the upgrade kit that lets you change your adult Brayden manikin into a child model. For training anti-choking procedures, have a look at our Act Fast training vest.

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  1. Laerdal Little Junior QCPR (pack of 4) Dark Skin
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Why use a child CPR manikin?

PBLS (Paediatric Basic Life Support) trainings are best performed with an infant as well as child CPR manikin. Although the resuscitation of a child largely follows the same guidelines as the resuscitation of an adult, there are a couple of essential distinctions. For instance, a child needs initial rescue breaths and the breathing volume needs to be altered as well.

Moreover, a junior CPR manikin is of great value for training with an AED. This allows students to experience the use of the AEDs child mode, paediatric pads or infant key.