CU Medical AED's

CU Medical is relatively unknown in the Ireland, but globally, this AED manufacturer is a major player in the automatic external defibrillator market. Currently, the SP1 AED, endorsed by the British Heart Foundation, stands out as the most popular choice in England and we do not disagree. CU Medical Systems is FDA and JFDA approved, ISO 9001:2000 certified and acquired the CE Mark. Explore our range, including CU Medical Systems Automated External Defibrillators, a CU Medical trainer, CU Medical batteries and CU Medical defibrillator pads. Opt for excellence, navigate critical moments with confidence.

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  1. CU Medical SPR AED Semi-automatic
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Advantages of a CU Medical Systems AED

The CU Medical SP1 defibrillator is compact and easy to carry. The device is available in both semi-automatic and fully automatic models. However, there are more advantages associated with a CU Medical AED. It is user-friendly, equipped with sound detection, CPR support, installed electrodes, a child mode, and status indicators for both the electrodes and the battery.

The AED comes with a convenient and robust hardcase carrying bag, providing extra protection. Even outside the bag, this AED, with its IP55 rating, is excellent at resisting water and dust.

Although the front of the device may appear a bit confusing, after turning on the AED, you are seamlessly guided through the resuscitation process without much thought, making it evident that this is a recognized and reliable choice. Note that the button for the child mode is protected by a somewhat challenging-to-open flap, so it is advisable to practice this beforehand. 

In summary, the CU Medical AEDs combine portability, user-friendly operation, advanced features, and durability to provide a reliable and effective tool for responding to sudden cardiac arrest in various settings.

For your CU Medical AED, Medisol offers CU Medical batteries and CU Medical electrodes. On our page listing all defibrillators, you can see all devices to compare them.