Ambu has a wide range of training manikins and other CPR related products. Ambu manikins ensure realistic CPR trainings all over the world.

On our webshop you can find various series of adult, baby and child manikins. The Ambuman manikin is well known for its lifelike representation of the human anatomy. The Ambu Man W has the same features as The Ambu Man I but The Ambu Man W has Wireless options. This means that the Ambu Man W can be placed in realistic surroundings, away from computers and other power supplies. This gives a great amount of freedom during training and because there are no wires or cables lying. The manikins from the Ambu iQF series make use of the newest technologies for advanced in-app CPR feedback.

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Infant, junior and adult Ambu manikins

Ambu's training manikins cover the entire spectrum of BLS and ALS training. There are infant models, child models and adult models for realistic resuscitation training. The resuscitation manikins are each equipped with Ambu's typical grey-green clothing. The Ambu Manikin Management Module (short: Ambu MMM) offers clear control, documentation and monitoring for the Ambu Man models from the wireless version onwards. The MMM is browser-based, licence-free and can be operated with a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Overview of Ambu CPR manikins

Ambu Baby (IQF): A very realistic infant manikin with options for ventilation and cardiac massage. In the IQF version, the baby can be connected to the free app for feedback.

Ambu Junior (IQF): The child model of Ambu is a full-body doll and corresponds to the appearance of an approximately 3-year-old child. The model is waterproof and can therefore be used for drowning response training. In the IQF version, the junior manikin can be connected to the free app for feedback.

Ambu Man School: This 10-piece training set with very simple torso models is suitable for training sessions with large groups. In addition to the 10 CPR manikins, the set also includes simple defibrillator dummies and mobile phone dummies. This makes it possible to go through the whole process of an emergency response, including making an emergency call, getting the defibrillator and performing chest compressions/resuscitation. A great product for school classes, scout groups, swimming lessons or other larger group training sessions where the first priority is to get to know basic first aid measures.

Ambu Uniman Sam (IQF): The simplest adult CPR model in the Ambu range. The Ambu Sam has manual feedback on compression depth. In the IQF version, you get feedback on your training via the Ambu app.

Ambu Man (IQF): The best-selling basic model offers realistic training possibilities and has manual feedback on compression depth and ventilation volume. In the IQF version, the Ambu Man can be connected to a feedback app.

Ambu Man Instrument/ Ambu Man Wireless: The first model in the series of higher quality and more realistic CPR models. The Ambu Man I can be extended with arms and legs to create a full body model. There is a retractable display in the abdominal cavity for manual reading of feedback on the exercises performed. The wireless version can be connected to the Ambu Manikin Module (free feedback module).

Ambu Man Airway (Wireless): This Ambu manikin has a special airway head. It can be used to practise airway management measures, such as the use of a laryngeal mask and a gauze tube. Training of endotracheal intubation is also possible. Here, also, the WLAN version can be connected to the Ambu Manikin Management Module for feedback.

Ambu Man Defib: The torso of the defib model is equipped with connections for early defibrillation. Defibrillators from different manufacturers can be connected using appropriate adapters. This enables realistic AED training with your own operational defibrillator.

Ambu Man Advanced: The all-in-one package from Ambu. The Ambu Man Advanced is the only standard full-body manikin in the range. It is WLAN-enabled and can be connected directly to the Ambu Manikin Management Module. In addition to an airway head, this ALS manikin also has defibrillation ports, an IV arm and an IO leg.

Need help?

Are you not sure about the most suitable Ambu manikin for your training sessions? We are more than happy to answer any of your questions. Contact us for professional advice.