AmbuMan Basic iQF


IQF stands for Integrated Quality Feedback.  Ambu’s newest system to meet the high standards of modern professional training.

Use Bluetooth to connect your AmbuMan Basic iQF to the novel and multilingual app.  Start CPR training and immediately see the results – real-time or after the session – to improve compression depth and ventilation volume.  The AmbuMan Basic iQF is among the most enhanced CPR training products on the market.



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Product Description

AmbuMan Basic iQF

Data-driven CPR training with the AmbuMan Basic iQF

The AmbuMan Basic iQF is the same cost efficient, robust, adult manikin that you are used to and retains Ambu’s patented hygienic system for mouth-to-mouth and mouth-to-nose ventilation. What’s new is the iQF system for high level CPR performance training. With the AmbuMan Basic iQF, instructors have access to everything they need to allow their students to perform chest compressions and ventilations correctly.  Fun, digital and data-driven!

Instructor and trainee application

The AmbuMan Basic iQF connects to the app via Bluetooth.  It is possible to connect up to 6 AmbuMan Basic iQF manikins at the same time.  There is a free app for trainees and instructors (iOS and Android). The main functionalities include:

  • CPR guidelines
  • Switching to your preferred language
  • A metronome for the right compression speed
  • Feedback on the number and depth of compressions
  • Feedback on the number and volume (ml) of ventilations
  • Saving sessions for future references

Download the AmbuMan Basic iQF brochure here.

Key benefits of the AmbuMan Basic iQF

  • Robust, reliable and cost efficient adult training manikin
  • Easy AED training
  • Realistic rising of the chest during ventilation
  • Free airway only when the head is hyperextended correctly
  • Realistic resistance during chest compression
  • Built-in indicator for instant feedback on compression depth
  • Patented hygienic system to prevent cross contamination
  • Bluetooth connection to the instructor and trainee aps
  • Innovative iQF system for feedback on key CPR parameters

The AmbuMan Basic iQF will be delivered including carry bag and batteries.

Product name AmbuMan Basic iQF
SKU A268008000
Type reanimatiepop Adult
Connectivity Wireless
Procedures BLS (chin lift, ventilation, compression)
Weight 6 kgs
Warranty 2 years
User Manual

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