Brayden CPR Manikins

Learning CPR is often a case of going to a classroom, listening to an Instructor and then using a manikin with the instructor guiding the student.  The team at Innosonian asked themselves ‘can we make a manikin which can accurately guide the student to do perfect chest compressions?

They realized that an innovative new system was required to improve the educational effectivness of CPR training and came up with a CPR training manikin which helps trainees learn CPR in a more intuitive, effective and accurate manner, enabling the trainee to remember the correct CPR skills for longer.

Believing that a learner will naturally learn the key skills for good quality CPR if able to visualise the key aspects of chest compressions on the manikin, they devised a range of training manikins that show how blood is delivered from the heart to the brain and the correct chest compression technique required to achieve this. Here you can find our range of Brayden manikins: CPR manikins with lights for instant feedback.

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  1. Brayden Basic CPR manikin
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  2. Brayden Baby
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Types of Brayden CPR Manikins

From Brayden we can offer the following manikins:

  • Brayden Baby
  • Brayden Baby Pro
  • Brayden Basic
  • Brayden LIGHTS with Red LED Lighting
  • Brayden LIGHTS with White LED Lighting
  • Brayden Pro Manikin with Bluetooth connection and Red LED Lighting
  • Brayden Pro Manikin with Bluetooth connection and White LED Lighting
  • Brayden Junior Upgrade Kit

What is the difference between the Brayden manikin and Brayden Pro manikin?

The biggest distinction can be found in the electronics. Brayden Pro manikins are equipped with additional electronics for in-app CPR feedback (iOS). Feedback will be given on compressions and ventilations. Since you receive feedback in the app, the lights on the manikin will be disabled. However, on the normal Brayden manikins, the blood circulation as visualized by the LED lighting forms the main source of feedback.

In what ways do Brayden manikins provide feedback?

During CPR the LED lighting will be activated. The lighting resembles the blood circulation of the patient. As a result of CPR, the blood would have to flow to the brain and vital organs. If the blood circulation is no longer visible, then CPR has not been performed correctly.

By means of the real-time CPR feedback the CPR can be improved instantly. Feedback is given on the CPR depth, rate and recoil. Increase or decrease the depth of your compression, as well as the speed at which you perform CPR and make sure that the chest fully comes up after each compression. The LED lighting (blood circulation) shows you whether your CPR improves.

For exams the real-time feedback can be disabled.

Why opt for a Brayden Resuscitation Manikin?

  • Easily switch between AHA (American Heart Association) and ERC (European Resuscitation Counsil) guidelines;
  • Feedback on depth, rate and recoil of compressions and the rate and volume of rescue breaths;
  • The visual blood circulation ensures a realistic and intuitive training scenario. Ideal for members of the public;
  • Choose for real-time feedback on the manikin itself (Brayden LIGHTS) or choose for in-app feedback (Brayden Pro);
  • Ventilations are only successful when the head tilt is executed correctly. Therefore, tilting the head is only possible up to a degree of 42°;
  • The quality of Brayden manikins is endorsed by experts, including professors and doctors.