Brayden Baby


  • Real-time feedback
  • Realistic features
  • Very user-friendly
  • Unique visualization of the CPR scenario
  • Excellent price/quality ratio
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Product Description

Realistic CPR Baby Brayden

With the Brayden Baby CPR manikin, paediatric CPR training is made more realistic.  The realistic size of the skull ensures that the baby manikin is in a natural position.  As with a real baby, the mouth and nose are connected and the head is realistically mobile.  The airway can only be opened when the head is in a neutral position.

Real-time feedback immediately visible

The Baby Brayden is innovative in the field of paediatric resuscitation.  Like all other Brayden CPR manikins, the baby is designed to give students extra confidence through providing real-time feedback.  The effect of the resuscitation is immediately visiblevia glowing red LED lighting that simulates blood circulation.

Brayden Baby innovative and effective

If compression rate, compression depth and compression release is performed well, the LED lighting in the head turns on.  If there is no lighting, then the student is aware that the technique need some improvement.  When correct breathing is performed, the lungs will blink intermittently.  This real-time feedback ensure that students know exactly which actions need extra attention.

In short, the Baby Brayden is innovative on all fronts.  Practical, user-friendly and lifelike are key words that define this manikin!

Brayden Baby Product Demonstration

Product name Brayden Baby
Type reanimatiepop Baby
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Weight 4.000000
Warranty 2 years
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