Zoll distributor

A World First!

We are proud to announce a World First, we have been officially named the European Distributor for ZOLL.

History has been re-written, never before has a manufacturer appointed an independent AED supplier to become a EUROPEAN distributor. Fair competition, transparent prices and freedom of choice for the consumer, leads to faster accessibility of defibrillators for the general public.

Because that's what we are all about - Saving lives!

Zoll defibrillators

Zoll managed to create defibrillators for as civil servants as well as medical professionals. The yellow AEDs are well-known throughout Europe and continue to grow in popularity. The Zoll AED Plus series offers realtime CPR-feedback to guide the aid worker through the process. The user friendly Zoll AED Plus is available as semi-automatic and fully automatic defibrillator. These AEDs can be used by anyone and therefore are very suitable for public placement.

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