AED buying guide

Those looking to purchase an AED might find themselves overwhelmed by the options available, especially if it's their first time. The range of choices is extensive! We aim to simplify the decision process with this buying guide. It will help clarify which AED is the most suitable for you.

All Defibrillators Save Lives

There are many different types of AEDs from numerous brands. Firstly, it's important to know that all AEDs save lives, regardless of the brand or type. Essentially, every AED must be capable of the same basic functions: providing instructions on starting resuscitation, analysing the heart rhythm, and recommending and delivering a shock based on that analysis. All AEDs currently available in the Irish market are approved according to European guidelines and all save lives equally. No manufacturer can claim that their AED has the potential to save more lives than another. There's also no correlation between the price of an AED and its ability to save lives.

Key Difference: Fully Automatic and Semi-Automatic AEDs

One of the major differences between AEDs lies in whether they are fully automatic or semi-automatic. A fully automatic AED will determine if a shock is necessary and, if so, administer it automatically. With a semi-automatic, a button must be pressed manually to deliver the shock. Both types save lives!

Which AED is Best for My Situation?

When choosing an AED, it's important to consider the necessary specifications, including the location of the AED and who might use it. For instance, if the AED will be placed in a workshop, it needs to have higher dust resistance compared to one in an office. This IP rating is a crucial factor in selecting an AED. Additionally, other features to consider include multilingual capabilities, resuscitation feedback, and the ability to display ECG for professionals.

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