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How to choose an AED

Who wants to buy an AED, may not see the forest for the trees. Especially when you are about to do so for the first time. The range of products is rather big! We aim to simplify the process for you to make the best choice possible. This selection help helps you bring down the number of products to those which are suitable for you.

All AEDs save lives

There are quite a lot of different AEDs from different brands. First of all, please note that all AEDs save lives. Regardless of the type or the brand. Each and every AED must be able to do the same thing: to explain how to start the resuscitation, to analyse the heart rhythm and based on that outcome, to deliver or not to deliver a shock.

Important rules which apply to all AEDs:

  • All AEDs assist you through the resuscitation with clear voice prompts.
  • As soons as you switch on your AED you will hear the instructions.
  • All AEDs have batteries and electrodes that have to be replaced at regular intervals.
  • All AEDs follow the official resuscitation guidelines and have proved to be safe and effective.

Big distinction: fully automatic and semi-automatic AEDs

One of the biggest differences between AEDs is the version of it: it is either fully automatic or semi-automatic. A fully automatic AED will indicate whether a shock is necessary and if that is the case, the AED will shock the patient itself. A semi-automatic AED will indicate if a shock is needed and if so, you must push a button to deliver the shock. Both fully and semi-automatic AEDs save lives.

Which AED should I buy?

For choosing an AED it is important to check which specifications you need. What kind of AED you need depends on the location of the defibrillator and who would be going to use it. For example, is the defibrillator located in a workshop? Then it needs to have a higher dust resistance than a defibrillator in the office. The so called IP-rating is an important factor for choosing the AED. In addition to that, you an have a look at specifications like multilingualism, CPR feedback and the possibilities for ECG-display for professionals.

On our webshop you can find an AED for each usage situation. To simplify your choice, we created specific user groups with applicable AEDs for each group.

Are you looking for more information about specifications like the IP-ratings, the warranty period or the shock protocol? Then click on one of the icons for more details.

Need help choosing the right AED for your situation?

In case you still don’t quite find what you are looking for, please contact our specialists for personal advice. is brand independent and therefore we do not just recommend our personal favorite but rather the defibrillator which fits your wishes. Get in touch with us by chat (in the lower right corner of the screen), send an e-mail to [email protected] or directly phone us at 0818 000127.