Community AEDs

A defibrillator provides safety to people who are in its surroundings. That is why AEDs are being placed in more and more communities and public places. These include parks, train stations, shopping malls and many other facilities. But also other buildings that belong to the municipality such as the town hall, the library and sports halls, venues. This is a tremendous measure because every minute counts when it comes to resuscitation!

The AEDs listed below are easy to use for any civilian rescuer. These devices contain clear instructions that guide the rescuer through the resuscitation process until the ambulance arrives. In addition, the "online" AEDs (DefiSign Life Online and Physio Control CR2) are ideal for municipalities and public facility operators. This feature enables you to be connected to the defibrillator via Wi-Fi or 3G and be notified when the cover is opened, the battery level is low, or the location of the device changes. That way, there are no surprises and the defibrillator is always up and running.

Will the AED be installed outdoors? No problem. Then make sure you have a good outdoor cabinet.

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Frequently asked questions regarding AEDs for communities and public areas

The AED will be displayed in public. Should we choose a semi-automatic or fully automatic AED?

When deciding between a semi-automatic or fully automatic AED, consider the location of the device. Given that: AEDs in public spaces, it's often difficult to know the user's experience, which is why fully automatic AEDs are popular with many public facility operators. However, if the AED is for a location like a town hall with trained in-house emergency responders present, a semi-automatic AED can also be a suitable option. To learn more about the differences between full and semi-automatic AEDs, please visit this page.

What is the lifespan of the AED?

We recommend replacing the AED after 10 years . The AED is always on standby, causing the non-replaceable internal battery to drain slowly.

Storing the AED in a suitable indoor or outdoor cabinet will promote a longer shelf life. A wall cabinet provides the necessary visibility in public immediately. To ensure that the AED is deployable, you should also monitor the shelf life of the electrodes and battery. Get replacement parts in time. Check the status of the AED regularly as well. DefiSign Life Online AEDs are a godsend for public placements: the device performs self-checks and sends status notifications and possible deployment.

What happens once the AED has been deployed? 

After deployment, the electrodes need to be replaced. Was the AED purchased from us with a service plan? Then contact us after the deployment. Our specialists provide a new pair of electrodes, a rescue kit and - if necessary - a new battery, completely free of charge. 

Good to know: during a deployment, the AED stores all kinds of data. Sometimes the ambulance asks for this information. Think about the time of AED deployment and the heart rhythm before, during and after the analysis. Send the AED to us to have the data read out.

What about the warranty on community AEDs? 

The manufacturer's warranty of defibrillators varies widely; most defibrillators have a 5 to 8-year warranty. At Medisol, we prioritise quality and security, extending this guarantee to 10 years for all our AEDs. We will always resolve a defect as quickly as possible.

What is the cost of ownership per public AED? 

In addition to the purchase cost of the AED, the cost of ownership encompasses the expenses of replacing electrodes and batteries. The shelf life of electrodes varies, but on average, they last two years without deployment, and batteries last an average of five years. On average, the cost of ownership for ten years includes an AED, four sets of electrodes, and two batteries. Our maintenance contracts offer discounts or even free replacement parts.

Investing in an AED for your workplace can be life-saving. Browse our selection of AEDs and contact us if you have any further questions.