Philips Heartstart FRx semi-automatic AED with FREE accessories

Philips Heartstart FRx Semi-automatic AED
  • Easy to use
  • High IP55 resistance against dust and water contamination
  • 8 year manufacturer warranty
  • SMART Biphasic Technology to issue a gentler shock to the heart
  • SMART ECG Analysis Technology
  • Self-Test function ensures the defibrillator is always rescue ready
  • Optional child/infant key to enable use on both adults and children with one set of electrodes

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Product Description

Philips Heartstart FRx defibrillator

Philips SMART Biphasic technology enables individual treatment, based on specific casualty needs, increasing their survival rates following a cardiac arrest. The IP55 rating of the FRx maximises protection against dust and water and it's sturdy design can withstand weights of over 200 kilos.  On top of this, the FRx is showerproof and offers protection against accidental dropping.

  • Strong protective carry case
  • Sturdy, reliable defibrillator for use in all types of environment
  • Preconnected SMART Pads that can be used on both adults and children
  • Wireless Data Transfer for easy transmission of information
  • Flashing display screen indicates the correct position for electrode pad placement on the casualty
  • CPR coaching guides you through the CPR resuscitation process
  • SMART Analysis to assess the patients heart rhythm 
  • SMART Biphasic technology enables treatment to be centred around each individual casualty
  • 4 year battery

SMART Analysis : Philips has developed a technology that assesses the patient’s heart rhythm and ensures the Philips FRx defibrillator only delivers a shock if it is required. So even if there is a panic during the rescue process and someone presses the button too hastily, it will not administer the shock unless it's needed.

Paediatric Function : To switch the defibrillator to work on a child all you have to do is insert the optional Infant/Child Key. The device's preconnected SMART Pads II are suitable for use on both adults and children alike. So no time is wasted switching pads. And there's no extra expense buying different electrode sizes for different patient types.

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What is included with your order:  

  • Philips Heartstart FRx AED
  • Battery (capacity of 4 years)
  • Smart adult electrode cartridge
  • Carrier case
  • Manual guide
  • Warranty of 8 years on the AED
  • Free Rescue kit including:
    o Breathing mask with oxygen connection
    o Pair of scissors
    o Disposable gloves
    o 2 disposable razors
    o 2 alcohol wipes for disinfection
    o 2 tissues
  • Free ILcor wall sign
  • Free 1 year standard service contract (or upgrade to the extra service for just EUR 50)
  • Free ROI delivery via UPS
Heartstart FRx
  1. On/Off button
  2. Status Indicator
  3. Shock Button
  4. Warning Light
  5. Information Button
  6. Electrode Placement Diagram
  7. Electrode Placement Diagram
  8. Infant/Child Key Port
  9. Electrode Socket
Product name Philips Heartstart FRx semi-automatic AED with FREE accessories
SKU 861304-UK
Semi or full automatic Semi Automatic
Warranty 8 years
Additional Features Adapted child CPR protocol, Pacemaker detection, User can extract CPR data
Display Not present
Quality label CE, FDA
IP rating 55
Bag included Yes
Lifespan ca. 4 years
Lifespan electrode pad ca. 2 years
CPR feedback Audio, Metronome
Weight 1.6 kgs
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User Manual

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