Discount on AED bundles

Buy one of our AED bundles and get up to a €150 discount! You can choose from one of the following bundles

The promotion is valid until 31 December 2023.

DefiSign Life AED + Indoor Cabinet

When purchasing the bundle "DefiSign Life AED + Indoor Cabinet", you will receive a €125 discount! The DefiSign Universal Wall Cabinet has therecognisable green colour and features the ILCOR logo. The cabinet is suitable for all AEDs and is equipped with an alarm.

DefiSign Life AED + Outdoor Cabinet

When purchasing the "DefiSign Life AED + Outdoor Cabinet" bundle, you will receive a €150 discount! The DefiSign Outdoor Cabinet allows you to store your AED safely and securely outside. This way, the AED is always accessible in cases of emergency. The cabinet is equipped with an alarm that sounds when the cabinet is opened.

DefiSign Life AED + Maintenance plan

When purchasing the "DefiSign Life AED + Gold Maintenance Plan" bundle, you receive a € 150 discount! With our Gold maintenance plan, your AED is checked and maintained annually by our trained professionals. You will also receive a loan AED during maintenance and/or breakdown, so you always have a working AED at your site.

The maintenance contract is automatically renewed after one year.

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