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Prestan products new in our assortment. CPR Manikins, trainers & accessories

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Prestan CPR manikins, AED trainers & accessories

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DefiSign AEDs

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As a reseller of defibrillators and resuscitation supplies at Medisol, you enjoy various benefits, such as standard reduced prices and extra discounts with our savings system.

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AED service and Maintenance

With one of our maintenance plans, you ensure that your AED device is always operational. This way, you will never be confronted with surprises in an emergency. As a specialist, we help you maintain your device. During annual maintenance, our Medisol Service Centre specialists check the functions of your AED, carry out a shock test, and replace parts if necessary.  

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  • Prestan CPR manikins at Medisol

    New! Prestan CPR manikins at Medisol

    At Medisol, we are constantly looking for ways to offer our customers the best products in the field of CPR training. We are excited to expand our product line with Prestan; an innovative brand in the world of first aid training.

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  • defibrillators in schools

    The importance of AEDs and CPR training in schools

    One of the most crucial skills everyone should master is the ability to respond to emergencies such as a cardiac arrest. With CPR training, you will learn how to do this properly. You will also learn how to use an AED (Automated External Defibrillator). Integrating defibrillators and CPR training in schools is a valuable step that can save lives. You can read more about this topic in this blog.

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  • It's raining, can I use my AED?

    It's raining, can I use my AED?

    A question that naturally arises is, "Can I use an AED in the rain?" It's a relevant concern often surrounded by myths and uncertainties. Let's address these concerns and highlight the facts so that, regardless of the weather, we can respond effectively to emergencies. 

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  • What happens during a cardiac arrest?

    What happens during a cardiac arrest?

    A cardiac arrest is a sudden and serious medical emergency that is life-threatening. During cardiac arrest, the heart isn’t completely without a rhythm, it just appears that way. Because the chambers of the heart are not receiving the right signals anymore, the heart can no longer contract and pump blood around the body. Understanding what exactly happens during a cardiac arrest is crucial because prompt action is the key to survival.

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  • Can anyone use a defibrillator?

    Can anyone use an AED?

    In emergency situations, swift action is often the key to survival. One of the most powerful tools available for saving lives is the Automatic External Defibrillator (AED). And here is the life-saving secret – anyone can use a defibrillator! In this blog, we delve deeper into the importance of AEDs and show how simple it is for everyone, even without a medical background, to operate these life-saving devices.

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Looking to Buy an AED in Ireland? The best service at Medisol |

Since 2004, we have been a leading supplier of AEDs and resuscitation products, serving as a brand-independent source of these life-saving devices. Over the years, we have become the AED specialist in Europe, with more than 20 years of experience and the largest warehouse in the region. Our mission is to save lives, and we are committed to ensuring that by 2030, every citizen worldwide will have access to an AED within six minutes. We are actively involved in various initiatives throughout Europe to achieve this mission. At Medisol, we offer the best prices, free shipping, and expert advice on purchasing an AED - making us the ideal partner for ensuring the safety of your community. 

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Large assortment of AEDs and resuscitation articles  

Are you considering purchasing your first AED, or is your current AED nearing the end of its service life, or are you simply looking for a replacement device? At Medisol, we are a brand-independent supplier of AEDs, and we believe that all AEDs can save lives. In our range of AEDs, we can help you find a suitable product for your situation. Additionally, we offer other resuscitation items such as electrodes, batteries, AED trainers, and resuscitation dolls. 


We offer a variety of automatic external defibrillators from well-known brands like ZOLL, Philips, and DefiSjgn. Our wide range of AEDs from ZOLL AED Plus to Defibtech Lifeline AED makes it easy for you to find the perfect fit for your situation, whether you're an individual looking for a portable defibrillator, a home defibrillator or representing a company, school, or sports club. We have fully and semi-automatic devices available and can help you find an AED that fits your budget. 

AED electrodes 

We don't just provide AEDs, but we also offer the required electrodes. It's crucial to get new electrodes before the expiry date. Typically, electrodes can last for 1.5 to 2 years. At Medisol, we offer AED electrodes for adults as well as children. We also have a range of children's electrodes available. 

AED batteries 

To ensure that your AED is always ready to use, it's important to be aware of the expiry date of its battery. The lifespan of an AED battery can vary from 2 to 7 years, depending on the brand and model. When the battery is low, your AED will alert you with a flashing light or a beep. Fortunately, replacing the battery is a simple process. 

AED cabinets 

At Medisol, we offer a range of AED storage systems from well-known brands such as Rotaid and DefiSign. Our storage solutions include indoor cabinets, outdoor cabinets, and wall brackets, each with unique features and benefits. Choosing the right storage system will ensure that your AED is protected from damage and is easily accessible in case of an emergency. 

AED trainers 

During a resuscitation course, students need to practice realistic scenarios, and an AED trainer can help with that. An AED trainer has the same appearance and functionalities as a regular AED but does not deliver a shock. It allows for the safe practice of CPR techniques.  

Resuscitation manikins 

Medisol offers a range of resuscitation manikins, cpr dummy and accessories from reputable brands such as Ambu and Laerdal. Our selection includes child resuscitation dolls such as the resusci anne and adult-sized resuscitation dolls, allowing you to practice emergencies realistically.  

Always accessible: AED in an outdoor cabinet without a lock  

We acknowledge that you may be concerned about the possibility of theft and feel the need to secure your AED. However, we strongly advise against locking the device. In emergencies, every second counts and quick access to the AED can be a matter of life or death. Instead, we recommend placing the AED in a wall cabinet without a lock, making it easily accessible to anyone who needs it.  

Contact Medisol |  

Are you unsure about which AED best suits your situation? Our AED purchase help can assist you. Feel free to contact our specialists for personal advice via phone at 0818 000127 or email at [email protected]. ✓ Free shipping ✓ Up to 10 years warranty on your AED 

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