ISO 13485 certified

We are officially an ISO 13485 certified company!

Medisol is proud to announce that we are ISO 13485 certified! The ISO 13485 certificate was specially developed for organizations within the medical devices sector. The Internationally recognized certificate is a standard that manufacturers, suppliers and distributors within the medical industry can comply with in order to demonstrate their adherence to legal requirements.  With this certification, we are one of the first AED distributors to consistently meet both industry and customer requirements.


What does this mean for you as a customer or reseller?

And what can you expect now that we are ISO certified? Find all the information regarding the ISO 13485 certification on this page!

"We hope that this certificate will demonstrate the importance of quality and security for our products and services. Medisol wants the best for its customers and to bring us closer to our goal: in 2030 everyone will have an AED at their disposal within 6 minutes."

Founder and CEO Pieter Joziasse

Trustworthy and professional

Affiliated with a respected partner

Medisol proves that with the ISO 13485 certificate, our suppliers, resellers and end-users are working with a professional organisation that complies with legislation and obligations within the market.

The certification further proves the reliability of purchasing from Medisol. It is evidence that Medisol is committed and capable of delivering design, manufacturing, testing and sales services that consistently meet customer needs and comply with legal requirements.

Quality and safety  

Indispensable in the medical sector

Our products make the difference between life and death, therefore Medisol realises that quality and safety are indispensable within the medical sector.

How has the ISO certificate contributed to this?

Through certification Medisol has been able to identify and implement points of improvement within management processes. This ensures that our own quality management system is internationally recognized.  In addition, the certification helps to maintain quality throughout the value chain.

In brief, with the ISO 13485 certificate Medisol confirms that matters concerning quality management have been implemented and are controlled in the correct manner. With this, Medisol guarantees you as a company or private individual, the required levels of quality and certainty.  If something goes wrong, we always guarantee a proper complaints follow-up procedure.


We’re on top of the game

The evolution and increasing possibilities within the medical sector make the process of saving lives more and more accessible, therefore Medisol stays on top of the game. With the ISO 13485 certificate, Medisol demonstrates that we are aware of the quality standards of medical devices and related services that are required for us to comply with the Medical Devices Regulation (MDR). 

Saving Lives is our mission

One step closer

Medisol supplies products that save lives. This is impossible to do without the help of people who start acting immediately in an emergency situation.  It starts with the AEDs we offer: they comply with all protocols and rules within the medical sector. Together with our customers we want to ensure that AEDs are within reach everywhere. In 2030 everyone will have an AED available within 6 minutes. Only then can we accomplish our mission together - Saving Lives.

Good to know

We take care of all your worries

Quality and reliability are of the utmost importance to us, which is why Medisol offers a 10 year warranty on every defibrillator. This gives you the extra reassurance of an ever-functioning AED. This is why you should buy your defibrillator at!

Medisol is always prepared for your questions!

If you have any questions after reading this information, or anything is unclear, please contact our specialists!


Curious to see the ISO 13485 certificate?

Download it here.