Brayden Junior Upgrade Kit

Do you have an adult Brayden CPR manikin?  Would you also like to train child resuscitation? 
That is possible with the Brayden Junior Upgrade Kit. Easily and inexpensively convert your full Brayden CPR manikin to a child manikin.

Click here for the Brayden Advanced resuscitation manikin. Please note that you need this resuscitation manikin to use the Brayden Junior Upgrade Kit!

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Product Description

Brayden Junior Upgrade kit

With the Brayden Junior Upgrade Kit you can convert your Brayden Lights CPR manikin to a junior CPR manikin in a jiffy. This enables you to have two CPR dolls in one! The Junior manikin corresponds to the torso of a child between 10-12 years of age. Because the compression spring is replaced by a spring with lighter resistance, realistic training of child resuscitation is possible.

The Upgrade kit consists of:

  • Junior facial skin
  • Facial skin connector
  • Junior chest skin
  • Junior Spring (15 kg)
  • Instructions

Product name Brayden Junior Upgrade Kit
Suitable for model Brayden Junior Upgrade Kit, Brayden LIGHTS
Weight 1.000000
User Manual

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