Ambu Simulaids Kyle Manikin

De Ambu Simulaids Kyle 3 years old training manikin has been developed for basic resuscitation methods with a child older than 1 year.

-Natural, anatomic shaped torso
-During resuscication the thorax rises clearly 
-Mouth/nose, lungbags are easy to clean and replace
-3 years warranty
-Full body
-Delivered with carrier bag

Product Description

The Child Kyle manikin has been designed for learning the basic techniques of resuscitation with a child older than 1 year. The manikin has a revolutionary system of airways; the airway is blocked as long as the head is hanging down.
Equipped with the exclusive one-way valve. Filled with light foam and does not require internal cleaning. Simple, economical and completely realistic, this manikin fits perfectly among the manikins during a CPR course and learning the basic methods for emergency and first aid.

The Ambu Simulaids Kyle Manikin is a 3 year old child. With the natural, anatomic shaped torso it is easy for students to find the right position for chest compression. During the mouth-to-mouth resuscication, the thorax rises clearly. The mouth/nose parts and lungbags are easy to clean and replace.

Quick Overview:
Great for use anywhere
Compact and very easy to carry
Low maintenance
Head tilt/chin lift
Audible feedback
Realistic compression resistance

What's included with your order:
- Ambu Simulaids Kyle Manikin
- 3 mouth/nose parts
- 3 lungbags
- t-shirt and trousers
- carrying bag

Product name Ambu Simulaids Kyle Manikin
SKU 282005000
Weight 1 kgs
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