Ambu Junior

The new Ambu Junior looks like a 3 years old child and is very suitable for child resuscitation training. This full body manikin can also be used for cpr training drowning victims due to its waterproof design.

Additional features:

  • Realistic training of chest compressions 
  • Ambu hygienic system for mouth-to-mouth ventilation 
  • Visible chest rise  
  • Realistic placement of AED defibrillation pads for training use of AED 
  • Suitable for resuscitation training drowning victims
  • 2 year warranty
€479.00 €589.17
Product Description

Ambu Junior Manikin

This new Ambu Junior replaces the Ambu Simulaids Child Kyle. The Ambu Junior has been developed for learning the basic skills of child resuscitation. This child resuscitation manikin with a 3 year old appearance allows the training of resuscitation for drowing victims because of its waterproof coating. This manikin offers all the possibilities for a realistic BLS-training. Respiration can only be done when the chin lift has been accomplished correctly; the airway is blocked as long as the head faces downwards. The chest will rise after mouth-to-mouth ventilation. Provided with the exclusive one-way-valve. This resuscitation manikin, simple, economic and very realistic, fits perfectly between the other manikins during CPR training for practicing the basic emergency and first aid procedures.

This full body child manikin includes the following accessories:

  • 5 mouth- and nose parts
  • 5 sealing rings for the respiratory system
  • 25 airways
  • A carrier bag
Product Name Ambu Junior
SKU A282010000
Manufacturer Ambu
Manikin type Child
Connectivity None
Procedures BLS (chin lift, ventilation, compression)
Weight 4.000000
Warranty 2
User Manual

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