Laerdal Little Junior QCPR

The Laerdal Little Junior QCPR is an educationally effective CPR with:

  • Realistic anatomical landmarks
  • Convenient lightweight design
  • Durable construction
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Product Description

The Little Junior QCPR manikin meets your need for a low-cost, lifelike child CPR trainer and is the perfect supplement to the Resusci Junior manikin. 

Product Benefits:

  • Educationally effective by offering all of the essential features necessary for learning child CPR
  • Affordability through increased hands-on practice by allowing higher student-to-manikin ratios
  • Realistic anatomical landmarks provide the essential features necessary to teach quality appropriate CRP techniques
  • Logistically convenient lightweight design makes Little Junior easy to transport
  • Durable construction allows unequalled long-term use 

Product features: 

  • Oral and nasal passages allow realistic nose pinch required for mouth-to-nose and mouth-to-mouth ventilation
  • Natural obstruction of the airway allows students to learn the important technique of opening the airway
  • Abdominal thrusts can also be practiced
  • Head tilt/ chin lift and jaw thrust allow students to correctly practice all maneuvers necessary when resuscitating a real victim
  • Realistic airway function means that the airway remains obstructed without proper head tilt/chin left or jaw thrust. Chest rise is seen with correct ventilations 
  • Anatomically correct landmarks and sternal notch allow the student to practice identification of all anatomical landmarks relevant to child CPR 
  • Audible feedback for chest compressions reinforces correct compression depth with an optional "clicker" feature
  • Realistic chest compression resistance allows the students to experience the amount of pressure needed to perform proper chest compressions in a real-life situation
  • Economical disposal airways for quick and easy cleap-up 
  • Removable and reusable faces for convenient and affordable maintenance

What is included with your order:

  • Little Junior
  • 2 face masks
  • 2 airways
  • Softpack/ training mat
  • Manual guide
  • Disinfectant
Product name Laerdal Little Junior QCPR
SKU 128-01050
Type reanimatiepop Child
Connectivity Wireless
Weight 1 kgs
Warranty 1 year
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