DefiSign Breathing Mask

DefiSign breathing mask with oxygen connector, in the distinct rescue-green coloured DefiSign hard case.

Minimum order quantity of 10, when not ordered as part of a bigger order.
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Product Description

The DefiSign oxygen mask comes in a distinct rescue-green DefiSign hard case, providing hygenic protection for the mask and making it convenient to carry with you anywhere.

With the help of the DefiSign breathing mask you can prevent direct contact with the victim during mouth to mouth respiration. The one-way valve also ensures that inhaled air cannot leak back into the mouthpiece.  The mask is fitted with an elastic headbank which can be placed around the casualty's head,  keeping the breathing mask in the right place during a resuscitation.

The breathing mask is also fitted with an oxygen connector, which enables the medical professionals to directly attach their own oxygen line when they arrive.

Please note: there is a minimum order quantity of 10 masks if this item is the only item in an order.

Product name DefiSign Breathing Mask
SKU DS-mask
Suitable for Patient type Child, Adult
Weight 1 kgs
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