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10 year warranty with the purchase of every AED at

How it works Very simple!

Buy an AED at and you will automatically receive a 10 year warranty on your device. This warranty is based on the manufacturer's warranty. For each manufacturer we follow the guidelines of their warranty conditions per device. Good to know: we are not difficult and just want everyone to have a working AED for 10 years!

Always a working device!

If the manufacturer's warranty indicates that you will receive a replacement device in the event of a defect or malfunction, then you will also receive a similar replacement device during our extra warranty period. This does not necessarily have to be the same make/model of device, but we will ensure that you have a reliable and functional AED available for 10 years.

This guarantee scheme came into effect on 01-10-2020. Only devices purchased on or after this date will benefit from the new warranty conditions.

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