10 year warranty AED

Many manufacturers only give a few years warranty on their AEDs (automatic external defibrillators). At Medisol, saving lives is our mission so we think you should be able to rely on your AED always functioning properly and that is why Medisol gives you a standard 10-year warranty on your AED*

How do I get a 10-year warranty on my AED purchased from Medisol?

We understand that you would like to enjoy a 10-year carefree warranty on your AED! But how do you get that? That's very simple. Buy an AED from Medisol | www.aedexpert.ie and you automatically get a 10-year warranty on your device*. For this guarantee, we start from the manufacturer's warranty, whereby we follow the guidelines of their specific warranty conditions per device for each manufacturer. 

Example: You buy a Philips Heartstart HS1 AED from Medisol | www.aedexpert.ie You will then receive an 8-year manufacturer's warranty from Philips and an extra 2-year warranty period from Medisol. In this extra 2-year warranty period we follow the warranty conditions of Philips for the Heartstart HS1 AED. If your AED fails during this extra 2-year warranty period, you will receive a replacement AED similar to the Philips Heartstart HS1 AED from Medisol. Our Medisol warranty scheme means that instead of an 8-year warranty you will have a total of 10 years warranty on your Philips Heartstart HS1 AED.

Medisol’s scheme for standard 10-year warranty on AEDs came into effect on 01-07-2020. Only devices purchased after this date will enjoy the new warranty conditions.

Replacement AED in the case of failure or malfunction

If the original manufacturers warranty conditions state that you will receive a replacement AED device in case of a defect or malfunction; Then you will receive a similar, replacement AED device from Medisol during your extra warranty period. This can also be a different type of AED, for example another brand. In any case, we will ensure that you have a reliable and functioning AED at your disposal for 10 years. 

*10-year warranty on the DefiSign Pocket Plus AED

The DefiSign Pocket Plus AED has been on the market since 2023. It is an innovative AED with high-quality specifications suitable for the higher, professional segment. As a result, the DefiSign Pocket Plus is used more often than average, so we recommend regular maintenance more strongly than ever. That is why Medisol gives a 10-year warranty on the DefiSign Pocket Plus AED with the condition that you take out a Silver, Gold or Platinum service contract with Medisol, maintain it during the warranty period and do not miss a check-up. This applies to all versions of the DefiSign Pocket Plus AED, both semi-automatic and fully automatic and with and without ECG display. Without a Silver, Gold or Platinum service contract from Medisol, you have a 15-month warranty on the DefiSign Pocket Plus AEDs. For all our other AEDs, it is not necessary to take out a service contract with Medisol before taking advantage of the 10-year warranty, but we strongly recommend this to guarantee a working AED device at all times.

Questions about our 10-year warranty on your AED at Medisol?

Do you have any questions or would you like more explanation about Medisol's 10-year warranty scheme? Or do you want to know what the warranty conditions are for your AED? Then contact our AED experts via 0818 000127 or [email protected].