DefiSign LIFE Online Defibrillator

NEW: DefiSign LIFE Online AED.

Get connected. Be prepared. Save a life. With the DefiSign LIFE Online you will always be ready to save a life. The new Online defibrillator from DefiSign offers a carefree solution for a breath-taking price!


  • Plug and Play
  • Online via LifeDataNet G2 / 3G
  • Automatic status checks
  • Always kept up to date via e-mail
  • 10 year waranty

This is the fully automatic version, click here for the semi-automatic DefiSign Online.

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Product Description

DefiSign LIFE Online AED - Fully-Automatic

With the DefiSign Life Online defibrillator, wherever you are you are always prepared for an emergency. This new Online AED is the carefree solution for everyone. The functionality of this device is not only reliable and extensive, but also durable and all for a low price!

DefiSign Online = Plug and Play

Once the battery is installed in the AED, the device automatically connects to the LifeDataNet. This connection is established via the stable G2 / 3G network, so no need for an internet connection. This means that a DefiSign Online can be linked to the online software anytime and practically anywhere (in Europe).

By creating an account on LifeDataNet, you will receive a weekly update on the status of the DefiSign LIFE Online AED. The AED performs a functional self-test every week. The results are automatically forwarded by email.  You will always know when, for example, the battery or electrodes need to be replaced. You will also receive a clear report with the result of the self-test. If anything needs attention, you will be able to respond directly. The DefiSign Online is always ready for use, therefore ready to save a life!

The Defisign AED is equipped with an internal battery that ensures accurate time registration of a deployment. This battery has a guaranteed lifespan of at least 6 years and the AED indicates via a service an LED, when it needs to be replaced. This does not affect the lifesaving operation of the AED.

Always kept up-to-date anytime and anywhere

There are no surprises with the DefiSign LIFE Online. As soon as the defibrillator lid opens, an email is automatically sent to the owner, ensuring that you know exactly when the AED has been used for a resuscitation.

Often after a resuscitation attempt, the emergency services ask for the incident log, this data is also automatically sent by email via LifeDataNet. The PDF deployment report can therefore be forwarded to directly to medical personnel at the touch of a button.

If there is a new software update, this can also be arranged easily and automatically via LifeDataNet. The new software data is transferred via the G2 / 3G network to the Online AED. This means that the defibrillator no longer needs to be sent to the supplier to have such updates performed. In fact, you don't even have to be near the device!

Striking and recognizable appearance

Although there are major differences in software between the DefiSign LIFE Online and the “regular” DefiSign LIFE AED, this is not reflected in the appearance of the two devices.

The DefiSign LIFE Online comes with 3 different language settings. This is standard in ENG/GER/POL, but can be changed to one of the other many possible combinations upon request. Thanks to this multilingual function, the AED can not only be placed anywhere, but can also be understood by every care provider!

Guaranteed reliability for 10 years

With a 10-year manufacturer's warranty, you are always assured of a reliable AED. This warranty period is very long and DefiSign distinguishes itself from all other brands.

The electrodes of the DefiSign Online have a lifespan of approximately 3 years and the battery will last on average 3 years. This makes the replacement costs over a 10-year period very reasonable.

In addition, the DefiSign LIFE Online has a high dust and water resistance meaning that the device can be hung both indoors and outdoors. When installing outside, make sure that a suitable outside cabinet is used.

DefiSign LIFE Online the future of every care provider

In short, if you want to be able to save lives carefree for a guaranteed period of 10 years, then choose the DefiSign LIFE Online. This defibrillator automatically notifies you when the electrodes and battery need to be replaced and informs you by email when the AED has been used. The stable G2 / 3G connection ensures that the device is always connected, anytime and anywhere. With the DefiSign LIFE Online defibrillator you will always be prepared!


  • Online via DataLifeNet G2 / 3G
  • Very trustworthy
  • 10 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Multi-lingual (three languages)
  • User and maintenance friendly
  • Convenient to carry
  • Low user costs

The DefiSign LIFEOnline AED is suitable for:

What is included:

  • DefiSign electrode pads
  • DefiSign battery
  • User manual

Free accessories:

  • DefiSign AED rescue kit
  • DefiSIgn AED wall sticker
  • UPS tracked delivery


  • 10 year manufacturer's warranty

What does out product specialist say?

" Connecting to the LifeDataNet is very simple. You insert the battery into the AED and the device automatically connects via the G2 / 3G network. I find the battery life striking, even with a weekly check and forwarding all notifications - lasting 3 years! The fact that a software update can be performed remotely is a big plus. Durable and efficient! This also applies to the reading of the resuscitation data. I think with this Online AED, which is considerably lower in price than similar devices, a real gem. “


  • Easy to connect via G2 / 3G netwerk
  • Always prepared
  • Always informed of status
  • Warranty period
Product name DefiSign LIFE Online Defibrillator
SKU 1.800451-VC11
Semi or full automatic Fully Automatic
Warranty 10 years
Additional Features Adapted child CPR protocol, Electrodes measured in self-test, Low asystole threshold, Pacemaker detection, Synchronized shock, Update/upgrade possible, User can extract CPR data
Display Not present
Quality label CE
IP rating 55
Bag included No
Lifespan ca. 3 years
Lifespan electrode pad ca. 3 years
CPR feedback Audio, Metronome
Weight 2.6 kgs
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User Manual

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