DefiSign Pocket Plus ECG-Display Option

Enhance the capabilities of your DefiSign Pocket Plus with the ECG-Display Option, allowing you to monitor the patient's heart rhythm. This ECG functionality can be seamlessly integrated with both the DefiSign Pocket Plus AED Fully Automatic and Semi-Automatic models. The inclusion of an ECG display is particularly advantageous in professional settings, providing experienced users with valuable insights into the heart rhythm during the resuscitation process. Furthermore, the ECG data can be recorded and monitored after the administration for further analysis and evaluation.

  • Can be combined with the: DefiSign Pocket Plus Fully and Semi-Automatic Defibrillator
  • ECG-display Professional usage Recording of heart rhythm




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Product Description

DefiSign Pocket Plus ECG-Display Option

The DefiSign Pocket Plus ECG-Display option enhances the AED's suitability for professional settings, providing valuable features for efficient deployment. This option allows for real-time analysis of intervention data, presenting it live during the resuscitation process. As a result, doctors and rescuers gain a comprehensive overview of the patient's condition. The displayed information includes the ECG curve, impedance curve, and events, enabling a deeper understanding of the patient's cardiac activity.


Furthermore, the ECG-Display option is equipped with USB and Bluetooth functionalities, enabling easy access to stored files. This means that intervention data can be conveniently reviewed at a later time, facilitating thorough post-analysis and evaluation. The ability to effortlessly retrieve and review the recorded information enhances the overall effectiveness and utility of the DefiSign Pocket Plus ECG-Display option in professional healthcare settings.

Product name DefiSign Pocket Plus ECG-Display Option
SKU DS-70-ECG_Option
Suitable for model DefiSign Pocket Plus AED
Weight 1 kgs
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