Prestan 2000 Series Upgrade Kit

The Upgrade Kit provides standard Prestan Professional CPR manikins (2018 or later*) with the latest CPR feedback from the 2000 series. Additionally, the Kit includes a Bluetooth module, this module allows connection of your Prestan Professional CPR manikin to the free Prestan CPR feedback app.

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Product Description

Take trainings with Prestan Professional Manikins to the next level

The upgrade kit transforms your standard Professional CPR manikin into the 2000 series, offering an enhanced CPR experience. The upgrade kit replaces the LED lights in the shoulder and the clicker mechanism in the chest of the manikin. Additionally, the kit includes a cable that needs to be connected to the lung bags to measure the ventilation volume. The upgrade includes one improved monitor that measures the depth and frequency of chest compressions. Also included are 10 Prestan 2000 series lung bags that improve ventilation measurements.  

*The upgrade can only be connected to Prestan professional adult CPR manikins manufactured from 2018 or later.


CPR Feedback App

The upgrade kit includes a Bluetooth module, allowing you to connect the CPR manikin to the free Prestan CPR feedback app via Bluetooth. In this app, measurements of compression speed and depth, recoil, ventilation, and hands-off time are displayed clearly. Via the app, both the instructor and the student will have a clear overview of the quality of the administered CPR technique and can focus on areas for improvement.



  • 1x Prestan 2000 Series Upgrade Kit (suitable for Prestan Professional Adult CPR manikins 2018 or later*)
  • 10x Prestan 2000 Series lung bags

Product name Prestan 2000 Series Upgrade Kit
Suitable for model Prestan professional Adult
Weight 1 kgs
User Manual

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