Defibtech Lifeline fully Automatic AED

  • Robust Design
  • Clear Verbal Instructions
  • User Friendly
  • LED Lights for Visual Guidance
  • Turn the AED on and Just Follow the Instructions

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Product Description

Defibtech Lifeline AED Fully-Automatic

With only one over-sized green power button on this defibrillator, this unit is simple, clear and straightforward to use. 

The Lifeline AED is simple and intuitive, clear, calm voice instructions guide the user through the rescue process clearly and concisely, stating each instruction, step by step. Brightly lit progress lights provide clear visual text guidance to reinforce voice instructions

The design of this AED is lightweight and fully integrated design with a large carry handle rubberised surfaces to ensure good grip and durability in an emergency. The brightly illuminated status indicator continuously shows unit readiness, alerting you immediately to any problems identified during it’s ongoing self-checking system.

It’s award-Winning Ergonomic, compact, portable and lightweight design is completed by the high IP54 rating, as well as it’s durability, this unit has been manufactured to withstand contamination from dust and water and has been tested to military standards for shock and vibration using jet aircraft and helicopter testing methods.

Data-card technology ensures your defibrillator is always compatible with the latest standards, enabling you to download updates to your AED throughout it’s lifetime, at no additional cost to you. 

The Advanced ECG Analysis enables this defibrillator to determine the shock level individual to each casualty.

Key features of the Defibtech Lifeline Auto:

  • IP54 Rating
  • Carry Handle for easy transportation
  • Rubber protection making the unit more durable
  • Self-contained unit therefore no need for a separate carry case
  • Clear bright status Indicator
  • Over-sized buttons for ease of use
  • Self-Test function ensures the defibrillator is always rescue ready
  • Clear visual and audio prompts to guide the rescuer through the resuscitation process
  • Data-card technology ensuring the AED is always functioning to the latest standards at no additional cost to you
  • Advanced ECG Analysis identifies the correct shock level for individual casualties

What’s Included:

  • 7 Year Lithium Manganese Dioxide Battery
  • 9 volt status indicator battery
  • Adult  Electrode Pads
  • User Manual
  • 8 Year Warranty
  • FREE Rescue Kit Containing :
    • Clothing Scissors
    • Razor
    • Protective Gloves
    • Sterile Wipes
    • Oxygen Mask with O2 connector
  • FREE ILCOR wall sign
  • FREE UPS Delivery throughout Ireland
  • FREE Replacement electrodes and/or battery the first time you have to deploy your AED
  • FREE feedback readout of your AED following the first deployment
  • PRICELESS ongoing expert advice for all your resuscitation questions and enquiries
Defibtech Lifeline fully automatic
  1. Speaker
  2. Shock Indicator
  3. CPR Process Indicator
  4. On/Off Button
  5. Electrode Socket
  6. Status Indicator
  7. Eject Battery Pack
  8. Battery Compartment


More Information

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What does our product specialist say?

''The Defibtech Lifeline AED is a winner with its simplicity and ease of use.  Its no frills, robust design, renders this AED less intimidating to novice users, just switch on the AED and follow the instructions.  In addition to the 5 year lithium battery, the Lifeline has a small 9V test battery, that needs to be replaced each year.  This AED also has a slightly lower IP resistance agains water contamination, compared to some of the other AEDs on the market, therefore it could be useful to ensure that this AED is covered by a service and maintenance contract”. 

Product name Defibtech Lifeline fully Automatic AED
Semi or full automatic Fully Automatic
Warranty 8 years
Additional Features Adapted child CPR protocol, Pacemaker detection, Records sound during use, Update/upgrade possible, User can extract CPR data
Display Not present
Quality label CE, FDA
IP rating 54
Bag included No
Lifespan ca. 7 years
Lifespan electrode pad ca. 2 years
CPR feedback Audio, Metronome
Weight 2 kgs
Maintenance plan

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User Manual

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