Philips Heartstart FR2+ Battery

Philips Heartstart FR2+ Lithium Manganese Battery

This product is no longer available. The FR2 model has been discontinued. As FR2 accessories are gradually phased out with depleting stock, we recommend replacing your FR2 device with a new unit. Should you need any advice on alternatives, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Product Description
The Philips Lithium Battery Pack is the replacement disposable lithium manganese dioxide battery for your Philips HeartStart FR2 or FR2+ AED. This Philips battery pack will last ca. 5 years in your FR2 or FR2+ and it comes with a 4-year manufacturer's warranty. According to performance data from Philips, a new FR2/FR2+ Battery Pack should provide up to 300 shocks or 12 hours of patient monitoring capability. Detailed technical specifications are listed below.
How can you tell if your device needs a fresh battery? Look at your AED's status indicator in the upper right hand corner. A flashing red "X" indication means the battery power level is low. A solid red "X" means the battery is not useable or completely depleted. Or, you can initiate a battery test to check its power status anytime by removing the battery pack, reinserting it, and choosing NEXT on the LCD screen and then BATTERY HISTORY.
Installation Instructions:
• The Philips HeartStart FR2/FR2+ Battery Pack is installed in the same manner as any other battery pack for this AED.
• Squeeze the yellow latch on the old Philips HeartStart FR2/FR2+ Battery Pack to release and remove it from the AED.
• Make certain neither the electrode pads or optional ECG Assessment Module are connected to the AED.
• Hold the new Philips HeartStart FR2/FR2+ Battery Pack by the yellow latch and carefully slide it into the battery cavity at the top of the AED. 
• Slide the new Philips HeartStart FR2/FR2+ Battery Pack into the AED until you feel and hear it click into place.

Once the battery is inserted, your Philips HeartStart FR2/FR2+ AED will automatically turn on allowing you to initiate a device self-test or perform other functions within its menu system. You'll know that your Philips HeartStart FR2/FR2+ AED is ready for use when you see the LCD hourglass symbol flashing in the device's self-test indicator window.
The Philips FR2 battery is no longer produced. Spare parts remain available for an unknown time.

Product name Philips Heartstart FR2+ Battery
SKU M3863A
Battery or electrode pad Battery
Suitable for model Philips Heartstart FR2
Lifespan ca. 4 years
Adult or child Non Applicable
Weight 0.4 kgs
User Manual

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