AED Maintenance Silver


Assure yourself of professional AED maintenance and a loan AED in case your own device malfunctions. Together we make sure that your AED is always ready to use. The Silver AED maintenance plan consists of a continuous service as well as an annual check.

The continuous service includes:

  • AED status overview in service portal
  • Loan AED during failure
  • Free electrodes/battery after use
  • 10% discount on spare parts

The professional check of the Silver AED maintenance plan includes:

✓ Functional test

✓ Shock test

✓ Replacement of spare parts

✓ Error correction

✓ Software updates

✓ Cleaning

✓ Visual inspection

✓ Reports

✓ Data storage 5 years

✓ Maintenance advise

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Product Description

AED Maintenance Plan - Silver

The Silver AED maintenance plan ensures a professional, annual check of your AED. Your device will be serviced in the ISO13485 certified Medisol Service Centre - by trained professionals. The transport costs are included.

The key pillars of the annual AED check are the functional test and the shock test which will reveal any defects. Errors can be resolved right away. Also software updates and data storage are included. Through access to the Service Portal, the service reports are always at your fingertips.

Please note that the Silver plan does not include a loan AED for you to have during the time that your own device is being serviced. Due to fast logistics and efficient servicing, there will only be a brief period of time in which an AED may not be available at your location. Choose the servicing date and easily plan it in the Service Portal yourself.

In addition to that, we keep track of the expiration dates of your AEDs electrodes and battery. When the expiration date approaches, we will replace the electrodes or the battery with a guaranteed 10% discount. Without any hassle on your behalf. Has your AED been deployed? Then you also receive electrodes and battery (if needed) free of charge.

Another certainty that you get with the Silver plan is the loan AED in case your own device malfunctions. This maintenance plan is a budget-friendly solution for keeping your AED up and running, always.

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