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AED Maintenance Platinum

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The Platinum AED maintenance plan is our premium solution for AED servicing. Professional and efficient. The Medisol Service Centre ensures that your AED is always ready to use. This maintenance plan consists of a continuous service and an annual check.

The continuous service includes:

  • AED status overview in service portal
  • Loan AED during failure
  • Free electrodes/battery after use
  • All spare parts included
  • Free loan AED during check

The professional check of the Platinum AED maintenance plan includes:

✓ Functional test

✓ Shock test

✓ Replacement of spare parts

✓ Error correction

✓ Software updates

✓ Cleansing

✓ Visual inspection

✓ Reports

✓ Data storage 5 years

✓ Maintenance advise

AED Maintenance Plan - Platinum

Want to be completely unburdened and not be faced with unexpected costs? Then our Platinum maintenance plan is a great solution. Enjoy our continuous service throughout and have your AED serviced by trained professionals every year. The maintenance date is easily chosen and planned by yourself.

For the annual AED maintenance to take place, we take care of the transport of your AED to the Medisol Service Centre. We handle the loan AED that will be sent to you to ensure that your location is always equipped with an AED. Good to know: the loan AED is also applicable in case your own device malfunctions. Transport costs to and from the Medisol Service Centre are always included in the service plan.

The thorough annual AED check includes a functional test and shock test to ensure that the device functions properly. In case a defect is found this can be taken care of right away. Also cleansing, data storage, software updates and replacement of spare parts (if applicable) are part of the Platinum plan. When needed, the electrodes and the battery are replaced free of charge. The Medisol Service Centre is fully ISO13485 certified and is led by trained professionals.

Next to the annual check, you also benefit from access to the Service Portal. This is especially interesting if you own more than one AED. The Service Portal provides you with an overview of your device, expiration dates, previous servicing and maintenance reports.

Product Name AED Maintenance Platinum
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