CU Medical i-PAD SP1 paediatric electrode pads

CU Medical i-pad SP1 electrode pads suitable for children.

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Product Description

Child electrode pads suitable for the i-PAD SP1 AED


  • Electrode pads suitable for children under the age of 8 and < 25 kg
  • Packed in solid foil to make sure the electrodes are clean and safely stored
  • These electrode pads are pre-connected, which means that they can be applied in advance to the AED. Precious time will be saved
  • Because they are provided with a special adhesive gel, they will not move or come off after attaching
  • By switching to the child mode on the AED, the AED will reduce the energy
Product name CU Medical i-PAD SP1 paediatric electrode pads
CU Medical
Battery or electrode pad Electrode pad
Suitable for model CU Medical i-PAD SP1
Lifespan ca. 2 years
Adult or child Child
Weight 1 kgs
User Manual

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