The Medisol Service Centre can offer you two kinds of maintenance service to ensure that your defibrillator is always ready for use.

The AED Safeguard Plan guarantees continuity. If the AED has been deployed, has a malfunction or has been stolen, a rental-AED will be supplied within 24 hours and we shall ensure that your AED is once again in service at very short notice.

The One-time Service is a service only service, which involves you sending your AED to our service centre in The Netherlands at your cost, we will return your certified AED to you after the service at our cost.  A free loan AED is not available for this service.

AED Safeguard Plan We will inform you in good time when the batteries and electrode pads for your AED require replacing. You will also be informed of any new software update for your AED, released by the manufacturer.

24/7 phone access for reporting a malfunction, emergency use of  the AED and theft of your AED.  When reported before 16:00 hours during working days, you will receive a rental-AED the following day and your AED will be collected. Our service is as follows; 

After deployment  of the AED:

  • Adaption of your AED, replacement of batteries and electrode pads
  • Reading out of ECG data
  • Evaluating proper functioning of the AED
  • On request transmission of the ECG data to the cardiologist involved
  • On request answering questions from the users about the deployment

In case of failure:

  • When possible, resolution of the malfunction by our own technical department
  • Submission to/arrangement with the manufacturer/importer
  • Independent advice on repairing or buying a new AED
  • Rental AED may be retained during the repair period

In case of theft:

  • You will receive an offer for a new AED
  • The rented AED may be retained up to 1 month

The AED Safeguard Plan costs  €89

One-time Service Send your AED to us and we will service and certify it before returning it to you.

One-time Service overview:

Audit by our technician at your location (by appointment) consisting of:

  • Performing the security test with an external test device
  • Check of battery, electrodes and replacement by schedule
  • Installation, when available, of new software.
  • AED approval sticker on the AED with associated certificate.