Defibtech Lifeline defibrillator trainer Promotion packet

Defibtech Lifeline defibrillator trainer

  • Promotional packet including: defibrillator,  Defibtech Lifeline trainer, electrode pads, battery, remote control, carry case and spare pads
  • 1 year guarantee on the trainer
  • Available in multiple language
  • With rechargeable battery and adapter
€469,00 €469,00
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Product Description

Defibtech Lifeline Defibrillator Trainer Promotion Packet

The Defibtech Lifeline defibrillator trainer is available in different language configurations, which is very useful when you want to train an international group! The defibrillator trainer is very similar in appearance to the fully functional Defibtech defibrillator. The training device can only be distinguished from the defibrillator by its red rubber housing. This ensures that students can experience an almost lifelike training, meaning that you can act extra quickly in a real emergency.

The trainer comes with a handy remote control and a rechargeable battery with adapter, saving you a lot of unnecessary usage costs. The device also offers the option of training 6 semi and fully automatic scenarios. Finally, the training software is pre-programmed, making the use of a memory card unnecessary.

The Defibtech trainer promotion contains the following articles:

  • DCF-E350T Defibtech defibrillator Trainer
  • DDP-100TR Training electrode pads
  • DTR-201 Rechargeable battery and charger 
  • DTR-400 Remote control
  • User Manual
  • + FREE original Defibtech trainer carry case
  • + FREE child training electrodes 
  • + FREE set of 5 adult replacement pads

Product name Defibtech Lifeline defibrillator trainer Promotion packet
Warranty 1 year
Remote control Yes
Weight 1 kgs
User Manual

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