Due to low overhead costs, bulk orders and sharp negotiations with suppliers we are a market leader in supplying competitively priced AED heart defibrillators in Europe. 


Choose for AEDexpert.ie because: 

  • Competitively priced AED heart defibrillators.
  • Fast delivery: over 95 % of all products shown are generally available from stock.
  • Ordered before 14:00 (GMT) delivered within 2-2 working days.
  • Orders are shipped from The Netherlands, therefore you pay just 9% VAT on AEDs, batteries and electrode pads and kust 21% VAT on everything else!
  • We never charge shipping costs to Ireland, all  orders, regardless of size, will be shipped free of charge from The Netherlands.
  • Orders are delivered by UPS, if  you are not home to receive your package, it can be re-delivered on 3 different occasions. If  delivery has not been successful after 3 attempts, you can arrange a delivery time with UPS yourself.
  • All AEDs supplied by us are:
              - In English (other languages may be available).
              - Always supplied with the latest software
              - 100 % covered by the warranty of the manufacturers
  • We are an independent supplier of various brands so we can provide you with independent advice and recommendations, tailored to individual customers.
  • We can give you valuable practical tips, based on our experiences within the paramedic services.
  • Your AED will be put in our database free of charge, so we can easily inform you when the batteries and electrodes need replacing, etc.
  • AEDexpert/Medisol is one of the largest providers of AEDs in Europe.