The country’s network of Automated Exernal Defibrillators (AEDs) is growing more and more, which is a good thing! Fast and easy access to AEDs means that more lives can be saved. We applaud that many local organisations, companies, schools, sports clubs and even private persons are investing in an AED.

Where to buy an AED?

On you can easily buy an AED online. In our offer you can find defibrillators from all popular brands such as DefiSign, CU Medical, Defibtech and more. In our one-stop-shop you can also find the defibrillator essentials like electrodes, batteries and cabinets.

Best AED to buy

Good to know before you buy a defibrillator:

  • Every AED saves lives, regardless of the type or brand.
  • An AED has a lifetime of approximately 10 years. Before you buy the device, also check the warranty period and maintenace options.
  • A good cabinet protects your AED and prolongs the lifetime of the device.

Which AED fits you best really depends on your situation. An office AED , for example, does not need to be as sturdy as an AED for a sports club or construction site. To make it easier for you to buy the right AED, please have a look at our selection help.