All you need to know about the DefiSign Pocket Plus AED

2023 sees the launch of a brand new AED, the DefiSign Pocket Plus.  It is a small, lightweight and innovative AED with extensive features, that fits neatly into your bag or coat pocket, so you can carry it around with you!  The latest in automatic external AEDs!  In this article, you will read everything you need to know about the new DefiSign Pocket Plus AED.

Compact AED

If you are looking for a small, compact and lightweight AED, then the DefiSign Pocket Plus is the perfect device for you. Weighing just 870 grams, it is the ideal device for travelling; a lightweight AED that can be used in a variety of settings.  The DefiSign Pocket Plus has many advantages over other AEDs in this segment, so the design does not compromise on quality!

Why choose the DefiSign Pocket Plus over other AEDs?

The DefiSign Pocket Plus features a clear colour LCD screen. The brightness of the screen automatically adjusts to the ambient environment. Therefore, even in low-light or bright sun, you can follow the images on the LCD screen to support the audio instructions.

A further advantage of the Pocket Plus AED, is the child button that provides easy and quick adjustment to child mode. Therefore patients of any age can be helped with this AED. No child key or special child electrode pads needed!

The DefiSign Pocket Plus - like all DefiSign AEDs - has the ILcor green colour, because we think it is important for a AED to be recognisable. The faster the device can be found, the faster a victim can be helped. In cardiac arrest, every second is vitally important.

DefiSign Pocket Plus bag included

A compact AED naturally needs a practical bag. That is why the DefiSign Pocket Plus bag is included with this AED. The bag allows you to transport the AED comfortably while protecting it from dirt, dust, water and damage. The bag has a recognisable green colour and bears the ILcor logo. A transparent window on the bag allows you to keep an eye on the AED's status indicator at all times. The waterproof material of the bag is easy to clean with a wet cloth. So this sturdy bag is also suitable for any outdoor situation!

Suitable for professional use

Besides being suitable for sports clubs, hiking clubs, outdoor environments and so on, the AED also has an ECG option available, for use of the DefiSign Pocket Plus in professional settings. This ECG display option provides more insight into the victim's heart rhythm. The recorded intervention data, which can be viewed via USB and Bluetooth functionalities, gives doctors and emergency responders a better indication of the victim's condition. As a doctor for example, the DefiSign Pocket Plus would be a suitable device for your practice!