Laerdal Little Anne Combo Package

The Laerdal Little Anne combo package is the innovation in basic life support (BLS) training. The package offers all the necessities that you need to make your training a success. Because of the stackable manikins, all your training items fit in the included trolley. This doesn’t only save you a lot of time in the preparation of your trainings, but it also allows you to travel light and with ease.  

  • Manufacturer: Laerdal
  • Waranty: 1 year for the Litlle Anne stackable manikins
  • 6x Stackable Little Anne Manikin, 6xd AED-trainers, 6x AED-trainer case, 1x Stackable Little Anne Manikin Trolley, 1x AED-trainers carry bag
  • Language pack included (defibrillator trainer)

✔️Stackable manikin ✔️Sustainable materials ✔️Portability ✔️Complete set ✔️Time saving 





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Product Description

Laerdal Little Anne Combo Package with stackable manikins 

The Little Anne combo package is the new generation in BLS training. The compact included trolley consists all the products that you need to organise a successful training session. The training site is set up in a matter of minutes, and the connectivity between the Manikins, AEDs and app ensures a smooth and productive training session that allows you to fully focus on your students.  



  • 6x Stackable little Anne manikins (3x light and 3 x dark)  
  • 6x AED-trainers 
  • 6x AED case  
  • 6x Electrodes
  • 6 x Face skins  
  • 1x User guide   
  • 12x AA Batteries (non-rechargeable) 
  • 24x Manikin wipes   
  • 1x Trolley  
  • 1x carry bag
  • 60x Sustainable airway filters 

Little Anne stackable Manikin

The Little Anne stackable manikin uses innovation that improves the training quality. The stackable model is easily transported, since you can take them with you in the included trolley. Moreover, they take up a lot less storage room and are easy to clean. Other Stackable models often use regular springs which makes compression difficult. The Little Anne stackable manikin makes use of leaf springs beneath the chest plate to make the compressions feel more natural. The manikin features a realistic anatomy, a movable jaw, and landmarks for compression point location. Additionally, the manikin shows a visible chest rise and allows “close to real life’ chest compressions.  


Laerdal Little Anne stackable manikin specifications  

Lifetime expectancy 

  • Able to withstand 50 000 compressions.  
  • Able to withstand 100000 ventilations.  
  • The airways are designed to last around 3 months.  

Weight and dimensions  

  • Weight 2.0 kg.  
  • 64 cm x 37 cm x 21.5 cm.   


 There are 12 batteries included in the set. If you prefer, you can also use rechargeable batteries. 


Spare parts  

You can disassemble the manikin completely; this makes cleaning easier, and it allows you to perform simple replacement and maintenance tasks yourself. components such as springs, skin, and adjustment bands are available separately.  


Sustainable Materials Sustainable

The products in the Little Anne Combo Package were designed with a sustainable mindset. The manikin is made of 60% recycled materials and doesn’t include any rubber latex. The additional bag for the AEDs is made of 100% pet. Every year 994.000 airways are disposed which means that all this unrecyclable material (PVC) is wasted. The development of the airway filter that’s included in the set will help reduce this immensely. 


Sustainable airway filters Sustainable

Included in the combo package are 60 replaceable airway filters. This innovative system allows you to reuse the airways during your training sessions. This isn't only a more sustainable option but is also very cost efficient since you don’t have to replace the airways every time the manikin is used.  

How does it work?  

The administered air passes through the filter which allows uncontaminated air to enter the lungs. The filter prevents you from having to replace the airways after each use. You can simply clean the mouth opening and surrounding area to prepare the manikin for the next student. When the training session is over you can leave the airways in the manikin, these only need to be replaced after the approximated expiry date (ca. 3 months). To prepare for the next training session you only need to dispose of the filter and insert a new unused filter.   



The Manikin uses QCPR sensors to measure the following actions.   

  • Compression rate and depth.  
  • Ventilation rate and amount. 

AED trainer 

There are 6 trainers included in the set. These trainers can be stored in the includid carry case which is conveniently attached to the handle of the manikin trolley. The trainer can be adapted to fully and semi-automatic settings and preconnected and non-preconnected electrode settings, enabling a variety of training situations.

AED panels  

  1. The user panel: The student can use this panel during the training without disrupting the training settings or results. Even when a student turns off the trainer in this panel, it will remain connected. 
  2. The trainer panel: The trainer can turn the trainer on or off and change the volume.  


English, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Brazilian, Swedish, Korean, Danish, Polish, Chinese/ Mandarin  


Laerdal QCPR Training app   

The monitored feedback is clearly shown in the improved Laerdal QCPR training app. You can easily download the app on your preferred device (tablet or phone). The manikin connects to the training app via the Bluetooth function. After the manikins have been connected once, they will automatically connect in the future when they are switched on. You can combine different training manikin models during your training and monitor them all at once in the app.   

The app provides you with real time feedback that you can use to improve the quality of the CPR and ventilation administration. You can enhance the quality of the training even further by adding the skillGuide tool to your training set-up. This handy little tool can be connected to the manikin and allows you and your student to monitor Realtime feedback simultaneously. Another advantage is that this tool monitors the hand placement unlike the app which does not measure this. You can find the skillGuide tool here.    


As the instructor, you can change the settings of each trainer and training protocol on the app, individually or all at once. The trainer can be updated according to any new guidelines through the app and does not require replacement of the trainer, this makes it an even greater investment.  



  • CE registered     CE logo
  • Guidelines compliant  Guidelines compliant
Product name Laerdal Little Anne Combo Package
SKU LittleAnneCombo6+trainers
Type reanimatiepop Adult
Connectivity Wireless
Procedures BLS (chin lift, ventilation, compression)
Weight 1.000000
Warranty 1 year
User Manual

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