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New Resusci Baby QCPR with airway head

€1,999.00 €2,458.77

The updated Resusci Baby QCPR with airway head is equipped with the well-known QCPR feedback system from Laerdal. The realistic baby manikin can therefore be easily linked to one of the available Laerdal QCPR apps. These can be downloaded via Google Play or the App Store.

Advanced training with the Resusci Baby QCPR airway head in no time

The biggest difference between the "old" Resusci Baby QCPR and the new Resusci Baby QCPR airway head is the feedback function, it is no longer necessary to connect to a Skillguide or Skillreporter.

The Resusci Baby QCPR airway head has the appearance of a 3 month old baby. The lifelike breathing mechanism ensures that breathing techniques can be trained in a realistic way. The chest rises in a natural way. Ventilation is only possible if the chin is lifted correctly. If the chin lift is incorrect, the airway remains closed and the chest does not rise during ventilation.

The airway head offers extensive training options

In addition, this advanced airway version of the Resusci Baby QCPR has the ability to train with supraglottic techniques, using the Guedel Airways, LMA, LTA, Combtube and IGEL 4.

Easily take the Resusci baby QCPR to a training session

The Resusci QCPR baby comes in a handy and robust case. This makes the baby manikin and other training supplies easily transportable to the training location.


  • Detailed feedback via a tablet and telephone via corresponding Laerdal QCPR apps.
  • Feedback is also available via the SimPad Plus Skill Reporter and SkillGuide. These are optionally available.
  • Realistic anatomy, which is noticeable, among other things, when performing a chin lift, head tilt, compression depth and strength and when the chest comes up during ventilation.
  • Deployable for advanced supra-glottic techniques
  • In accordance with the latest CPR guidelines.

What’s included

  •  Resusci Baby QCPR with airway head
  •  Clothing
  •  Pulse bulb
  •  Airways
  •  Airway spray
  •  USB charging cable (C-A cable) with adapter
  •  Training mat
  •  Suitcase


  •  Skillquide for QCPR manikins (170-30050)
  •  Simpad Skill Reporter for QCPR manikins (206-30033)



  • 1 year

Dimensions of manikin:

  • Length: 59 cm
  • Width: 26 cm
  • Height: 13.5 cm


  • 2.05 kg

Package Details:

  • Length: 54 cm
  • Width: 36 cm
  • Height: 15 cm
  • Weight: 6.8 kg
Product Name New Resusci Baby QCPR with airway head
SKU 162-01260
Manufacturer Laerdal
Manikin type Baby
Connectivity Wireless
Procedures BLS (chin lift, ventilation, compression), Intubation, Supraglottic airwaymanagement
Weight 2.050000
Warranty 2
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