Zoll AED 3 Battery Pack


The Zoll AED 3 Battery has ca. 5 year life-span, depending on the frequency of self-checks and has a non-rechargeable lithium metal battery.

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Product Description

Zoll AED 3 Battery Pack

  • Disposable battery
  • ca. 5 year year shelf-life when the AED performs weekly self-checks
  • ca. 3 year life-span when the AED performs daily self-tests

To install your new battery simply insert the battery at the side of the ZOLL AED 3. You have the option to set your AED to perform either daily or weekly self-checks.

Product name Zoll AED 3 Battery Pack
SKU 8000-000696
Battery or electrode pad Battery
Suitable for model Zoll AED 3
Lifespan ca. 4 years
Adult or child Non Applicable
Weight 1 kgs
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