Laerdal Little Anne Stackable Manikins 6pcs. (Light)

This pack of 6 Laerdal Little Anne Stackable Light Manikins includes a convenient trolley that you can use to transport all 6 of the manikins by stacking them on top of each other. This allows light and easy transport that saves you time in the preparation of your training session. The manikins are equipped with QCPR feedback technology that offers real time feedback that can be monitored in Laerdal’s improved QCPR App. The Manikins show a visible chest rise and have human like compliance for ventilation and compressions. In addition, the included face skins facilitate attachment of the Laerdal Stackable Little Anne Filters. These filters allow hygienic re-use of the lungs for around 3 months.  

  • Manufacturer: Laerdal   
  • Warranty: 1 year 
  • Stackable QCPR feedback Sustainable materials Portability Improved efficiencySeamless connectivity 

The Little Anne Stackable Manikin is also available as a Light model, as a mixed combo package of six. And as a complete training set-up.  

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Product Description

Laerdal Little Anne Stackable Light Manikins (Pack of 6) 

The Laerdal Little Anne Stackable Light Manikin seamlessly connects to the QCPR app through Bluetooth connectivity. You can connect multiple manikins and monitor them all at the same time, which allows you to distribute your attention to the students evenly and improves the quality of the training. The included trolley allows for easy transportation of the manikins and even provides additional storage for smaller training accessories.  

Other Stackable models often use regular springs which makes compression difficult. The Little Anne stackable manikin uses leaf springs beneath the chest plate, to make the compressions feel more natural.   


• 6x Laerdal Little Anne Stackable Light manikins  
• 6x Laerdal Stackable Little Anne faces (light) 
• 60x Laerdal Stackable Little Anne Filters 
• 1x Laerdal Stackable Little Anne Trolley 
• 12x AA Batteries (non-rechargeable) 
• 24x Manikins wipes 
• 1x User guide 
• 1 Year warranty 

Laerdal Little Anne stackable manikin specifications

Lifetime expectancy
• Able to withstand 50,000 compressions.    
• The lungs are designed to last around 3 months or withstand around  100,000 ventilations.  
Weight and dimensions
• Weight 2 kg   
• 64cm x 37cm x 21.5cm.   
• Adult torso model (light) 
• Realistic facial features  
• Realistic compliance for ventilations and compressions  
• Chest compression  
• Landmarks for compression point location.  
• Ventilations with visible chest rise  
• Head tilt manoeuvre - natural obstruction of the Airway  
• Airway closes when neck is under extended.  
• Jaw thrust manoeuvre - movable jaw.  
• Nasal passages are open (nose pinch is required for ventilation training)

12 AA batteries are included. The manikin is also suitable for use with rechargeable batteries.  

Spare parts

You can easily and completely disassemble the manikin, which makes it easier to clean and allows you to perform simple replacement and maintenance tasks by yourself. All removable components of the manikin can be ordered separately which gives the manikin a longer lifetime and prevents material waste.  

Sustainable airway filters Sustainable

This innovative system allows you to hygienically reuse the lungs by filtering the administered air before it reaches the lung. The filter needs to be replaced after each training session and the lungs only need to be replaced after around 3 months. This is not only a more sustainable option but also very cost efficient! 

Sustainable Materials  Sustainable

The little Anne stackable manikin was designed with a sustainable mindset. The manikin is made of 60% recycled materials and doesn’t include any rubber latex. Every year 994,000 airway bags are disposed of, meaning that all of this unrecyclable material (PVC) goes into land fill. The development of the airway filter dramatically reduces the carbon footprint. 


The Manikin uses QCPR sensors to measure the performance of the student. The following actions are measured and can be reviewed in the QCPR training app: 

• Compression rate and depth.    
• Ventilation rate and amount.    

Laerdal QCPR Training app

The monitored feedback is clearly shown in the improved Laerdal QCPR training app. You can easily download the app to your preferred device (tablet or phone). The manikin connects to the training app via the Bluetooth function. After the manikin has been connected once, they will automatically connect in the future when the trainers or manikins are turned on. You can combine different training manikin models during your training and monitor them all together in the app.    
The app provides you with real time feedback that you can use to improve the quality of the compression and ventilation techniques. You can enhance the quality of the training even further by adding the SkillGuide tool to your training set-up. This handy little tool can be connected to the manikin and allows you and your student to monitor real time feedback simultaneously. Another advantage is that this tool monitors hand placement, unlike the app which does not measure this. You can find the SkillGuide tool here.


• CE registered        
• Guidelines compliant  

Product name Laerdal Little Anne Stackable Manikins 6pcs. (Light)
SKU 135-01350
Type reanimatiepop Adult
Connectivity Wireless
Procedures BLS (chin lift, ventilation, compression), Defibrillation
Weight 1 kgs
Warranty 1 year
User Manual

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