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Special Offers

A luxury weekend in the heart of Paris!

How does it work?

1. Place an order via
2. Wait for the delivery of your order
3. View the Medisol USB stick that is included with your order to find out if you are one of the lucky contenders
4. Like our Facebook and / or follow us on Instagram
5. The lucky winner will be announced in early March via our Social Media channels

Place an order quickly and who knows, in a few weeks you could be enjoying the great view from the Eifel tower ... Bonne chance!

* Please note: USB sticks are included with all orders over £100 (excl. VAT). Winners will be announced exclusively via social media. If you do not wish to enter and do not want to have a chance of winning the prize, please let us know.
**No purchase is necessary, just like our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram to be in for a chance to win the prize
*** Different conditions apply for resellers

A luxury weekend in the heart of Paris!