best aeds of 2023

An AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) is and life-saving device in case of cardiac arrest. In this blog, we will take a closer look at the 2023 most popular defibrillators in the Republic of Ireland, the features that set them apart and how these devices can be a valuable addition. After all, safety comes first, and by making an AED available, you are doing your bit to ensure that. Let's discover which AEDs have taken the market by storm in the past year.

1. ZOLL AED Plus

This has been one of the most popular AEDs on the market for years. This AED is very sturdy and is highly resistant to dust and water. The ZOLL AED is the perfect AED for businesses, even in noisy environments. A great additional advantage of this AED is that it is very low in maintenance costs.

2. Philips Heartstart HS1

This lightweight and compact AED is often purchased for home or neighbourhood use, as well as by companies, schools, municipalities and associations. The budget-friendly price of this AED combined with its ease of use contributed to the device's renewed popularity in 2023. Please note that the AED has a lower IP rating than, for example, the ZOLL AED Plus; so the device is not suitable for a humid environment.

3. CU Medical I-PAD SP1

This compact AED is lightweight, conveniently portable in its custom carry bag. Its standout feature lies in the SMART electrode pads, versatile for both adult and child casualties with a simple button press – a unique advantage compared to other AEDs that typically require separate electrodes for adults and children.

4. DefiSign Life

This recognisable AED is user-friendly and of high quality. Again, this device is the right choice in many situations due to its good resistance to dust and water, as well as its multilingual capability (3 languages). In short: if you are looking for a suitable AED for a sports club, business premises or shop, consider the DefiSign Life AED!

5. Defibtech Lifeline

The Defibtech Lifeline AED has been popular for years. This device has a convenient handle, is very sturdy and gives clear spoken instructions to the rescuer. It is a simple AED, but that makes it quick to deploy. And in case of a cardiac arrest, every second counts!

Looking to buy an AED? Avoid selecting an AED solely based on its popularity; instead, assess your specific situation and determine which device aligns better with your needs. Our expert team is prepared to offer invaluable guidance for your AED purchase.