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The water and dirt resistance of an AED is given in the IP classification. The letters IP stand for International Protection. The IP resistance grade is indicated with 2 digits: the first digit indicates protection against foreign objects and dirt, the second digit indicates resistance to water. For the explanation of the digits please refer to the following table:


 1st Prefix  Description IP value Name
 0  No protection IP0X  
 1  Protection againtst solid objects larger than 50 mm IP1X  
 2  Protection againtst solid objects larger than 12 mm IP2X  Save to touch
 3  Protection againtst solid objects larger than 2,5 mm IP3X  
 4  Protection againtst solid objects larger than 1 mm IP4X  
 5  Protected against dirt / dust IP5X  Dirt free
 6  Dirt resistant IP6X  No dirt


 2nd Prefix  Description IP value Name
 0  No protection IP X0  Regular
 1  Protection against dripping water IP X1  Dripwater proof
 2  Protection against dripping water with inclined position IP X2  
 3  Protection against spraying water IP X3  Rainwater proof
 4  Protection against splashing water IP X4  Splashproof
 5  Protection against water jets IP X5  Splashproof
 6  Protection against water showers IP X6  Showerproof
 7  Protection against immersion until 1 meter deep and 30 minutes long IP X7  Waterproof
 8  Protection against stay underwater IP X8  Pressure waterproof


These figures can be defined as above with an X in the code in order to show that it is about another digit or that it can be combined for example IP55 is dirt free and splashproof (and for AED’s this is the almost highest classification). Click HERE for AED’s with a low IP value. Click HERE for AED’s with an average IP value. Click HERE for AED’s with a high IP value.


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